4th of July Fireworks 2017

Today is the 4th of July (Independence Day in the USA), and that means the fireworks festival is held tonight. On my way to the lake, I got bit. The game said it was a mosquito that bit me, but I’m not so sure. Snake sure looked pretty guilty.

Animated GIF of Snake looking guilty right behind me after I supposedly got bit by a mosquito.
I’m feeling snakebit.

I then stopped at the pier to get a sneak peak at the fireworks.

Watching the 4th of July fireworks at the pier in Animal Crossing for Nintendo GameCube.

I worked my way around the lake, though I made a quick stop at Nookington’s to check today’s store inventory. Interestingly, there was a detour arrow and a detour sign, right next to each other. Much to Beyonce’s dismay, they were both pointing to the right, to the right.

A detour arrow and a detour sign on sale in Nookington's.

I then walked a bit south to the lake, where the fireworks festivities were being held. Kody was whistling and fanning himself as he enjoyed the fireworks exploding overhead.

Kody fans himself and smiles as he and Jeff watch the fireworks festival in Animal Crossing for Nintendo GameCube.

Belle, meanwhile, was acting like a beast.

Belle: Hey! Stop pestering me! Why don't you go watch the fireworks, in a tutu!?

I bought a yellow balloon from Crazy Redd’s stand for 480 bells.

I hold a yellow balloon that I bought from Crazy Redd's stand at the fireworks festival on the 4th of July.Static was also at the lake to enjoy the show.

I bumped into Tortimer, but not where you’d expect. He wasn’t at the lake for the festival, nor was he over at the wishing well. Instead, he was over by Ursala’s house for some reason. He encouraged me to take a train trip, and said otherwise, we may lose the train station! But I knew he was bluffing…or just very, very confused.

Tortimer: I'd hate to lose our train station because you're not riding the train enough! Take a trip, sprout!

At the dump, I found a grass model and a pad of paper. I took them both.

After making my rounds, I returned to the lake to enjoy some more fireworks. When I was done, I let my balloon go and watched it soar up into the sky. Happy 4th of July!

Animated GIF of Jeff letting go of his balloon during the fireworks festival.After that, I returned home and used a feature I almost never use: the journal.

July Entry: Tonight, I watched fireworks and bought a balloon.

5 thoughts on “4th of July Fireworks 2017”

    1. Thanks. Even though the newer system gives more fireworks nights, I do miss having them on the 4th in the newer games. Why not both? And maybe July 1st for Canadians as well. I don’t see why each region can’t have separate fireworks nights.

    1. Yeah, although looking up in the sky is probably better. 😛 It would nice to see them do both, though. Stand by water and see them from above *and* below.

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