Hornsby Out, Ozzie In

I found a letter from Jingle the dark-nosed reindeer in the mail today; he sent me a Balloon Fight NES game. Unfortunately, I also got a goodbye letter from Hornsby in the mail. Well, at least I still have him in my New Leaf town.

To my pal, Jeff, I have a hunger..and while I normally just grab a snack to fill up, this hunger will only be satisfied by exotic foods from far-off lands. So, I'm now a wanderer! -Snackily yours, Hornsby

Candi was walking near the bridge by her house, so I decided to use the glitch to push her into the river. She wasn’t very happy. 😛

Candi: You can just forget about being friends with me, sweetie!

On the cliff near Maple’s house, I found a new house belonging to Ozzie. This spot doesn’t seem to be used very often, although seeing the house here reminded me that Hank once lived in this spot. And Hank’s house looks just like this one, so that may be why it triggered the memory.

Ozzie's house.

I went inside and introduced myself to Forest’s newest koala. Or is that Forest’s newest bus stop?

Ozzie, standing behind a bus stop: Oh! Before I do, I guess I ought to introduce myself, ol' bear!

I had a chat with Tom near the wishing well, and he said he hadn’t seen me in so long, he just assumed I was involved in some shady stuff.

Tom: What's that? You mean you're NOT running away from a collections agent?!
Shh! Don’t let Copper hear you! If I go down, I’m taking you with me! I know you’re a cat burglar *and* a Peeping Tom!

Up near the train station, right next to my statue, I was chatting with Snake. I don’t know how this guy has stayed in town so long…14 months so far. For someone that’s not part of my “permanent 13,” that’s really quite an accomplishment. But apparently, I talked to him too many times today, because he started to get a little angry with me.

Snake: What is it? WHAT!?! Are you dense or something? I just want you to go away! In a cage!

With that, I headed home and ended my day in Forest. But if you haven’t yet seen my latest GameCube Moments video that I posted on Christmas Eve, here it is. Hope you enjoy! I’ll be back with another blog entry sometime in January. Have a happy new year, everyone!

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