Hello and welcome to my new Animal Crossing: City Folk (ACCF) blog. If you don’t know, I’m jvgsjeff on Youtube and you can check out my many ACCF videos there. Here is a video tour of my town.

My current town residents are Mint, Daisy, Curly, Chief, Tipper, Antonio, Del, Rhonda, Bob, and Winnie. My favorites are Bob, Antonio, and Del. Chief is my newest animal, but he’s pretty cool too. I have him in my 2nd GameCube town, Ohio.

For the record, I don’t hack or cheat. I only time traveled once, and that was strictly to save my flowers one time when my ACCF disc went bad and it took me a few days to get a new one.

I have a few goals in my ACCF town. One is to complete the museum. I still need one summer bug that I had already caught, but forgot to donate. Oops! I also still need two paintings. My ultimate goal is to breed enough gold roses to line all my paths. I currently have a lot of red (and some black) roses lined all around my town and I’m in the breeding process. It’s going to take a long time to do, but I don’t mind. Setting goals and working towards them is a big part of the fun in any Animal Crossing game. Please don’t offer me gold roses, because I don’t want them. Sorry if that sounds rude, but I want to do this on my own.

I’ll try to keep this blog updated on whatever happens in my town Forest. Like which animals come and go, any updates on my crossbreeding, and even highlights of my adventures on Wi-Fi with other players.

Please stop by again. =]


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