Easter in Bananas

Happy Easter, everyone! First of all, here is a new video, Wi-Fi Moments #56. It shows events that happened today in Bananas.

But I started off my day in Forest, where I said hello to Zipper, the Easter bunny.

Zipper: Spring is in the air! Flippity boing! Floppity zibbit! And I'm Zipper T. Bunny, the lucky spring rabbit!It was raining when I first started up, so I didn’t need to water my flowers. But I made my away around town looking for buried bunny eggs.

Some bunny eggs contain candy and others contain bunny foil. The bunny foils can be given to Zipper in exchange for egg furniture. While I didn’t go out of my way to search for every single egg, I did find most of them.

I ended up with 10 of the 12 bunny foils, and I sold the resulting furniture. I also ended up with a bunch of candy that I put outside Guest’s house. Guest will store my candy until I need it on Halloween.

Many pieces of candy lined up by Guest's house.Later on, at 6:00, I opened my Bananas gate for visitors. Yann, BranDex, and Jake came over to visit. I asked them all to stay by the gate for a minute, as I made my way to my house. Unbeknownst to them, I booby-trapped the area around my house with pitfall seeds.

Then I told them I was having a race; the first person to go inside my house wins. There was a delay as they presumably checked their maps to see where my house was, then they came running…and falling.

My visitors fall into pitfalls planted around my house.It was pretty funny. Jake was the winner; he got 10,000 bells and a froggy chair.

I then had us all pose by Zipper for a photo.

Jeff, BranDex, Yann, and Jake pose for a picture by Zipper T. Bunny.Mitzi also wandered over, so I took a picture that included her as well.

Mitzi, Yann, Jake, Jeff, BranDex, and Zipper T. Bunny.I purposely saved all of the buried eggs for my visitors, so they all searched for eggs as I went around pulling my weeds. I also helped point out dig spots when I came across them. Apparently, Yann kept eating her candy by accident.

Jeff: Ate another one, Yann? xDAnd the search went on. BranDex got a little carried away with the ‘U’ key.

BranDex: uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuAt one point, I blew a dandelion at BranDex when he wasn’t responding. Yann said it still looked like I was holding something even after I blew it. So she blew one too. It did look like her hand was still sticking out afterwards, and it wasn’t swaying back and forth like her other hand was.

Yann's arm sticking out after blowing a dandelion puff.We then tried the lighthouse glitch a bit, using a different technique that Tom said should work with my layout. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get it to work. So we went and played some museum tag instead. When I got in the fossil room, I realized how it would be hard to hide in that room. Perhaps you can see why:

A completely empty fossil room at the museum.After playing that for a while, we headed back outside and just hung around for a while. Before I ended the party, I said we could do either the museum glitch or the Able Sisters glitch. Jake voted for the museum glitch, BranDex wanted to do the Able Sisters glitch, and Yann didn’t have a preference. (Musables is not a valid choice). So I decided to flip a coin for it.

Jeff: Heads I win, tails you lose.Two polar bear tails later, we were off to the museum. I tried to push Jake into the void first, but unfortunately I fell in instead.

Jeff, in the dark void: Oh, I fell.They continued trying to glitch, and Yann was the next to fall in. I stood underneath her.

Yann stands above me in the void while doing the museum glitch.Eventually, BranDex was the third and final person to fall in. So Jake got left out. Shortly after, I ended the party and wrapped up my night. I hope you all had a great Easter! Thanks for reading my blog and watching my video! See you next time!

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