Finale Night Forest

As you likely know, online play for Wii (and DS) games is ending. At 9:00 tonight, I opened my Forest gate for the last time ever. Mike quickly came over to hang out. We talked for a while, walked around, and then we decided to play some sumo. He beat me the first two games, and then I pulled out my secret weapon: A dandelion puff! I won the next match, and as he was getting out of the hole, I blew the dandelion seeds on him.

Blowing dandelion seeds on Mike as he jumps out of a pitfall.I got another dandelion puff out, but it didn’t help me in our fourth match. Mike beat me once again. Defeated, I declared him the champion.

Jeff struggles to get out of a pitfall while holding a dandelion puff.Just after 10:00, Megan came over too. Her dress was colorful and made her look like an Easter egg. (No offense).

Jeff to Meg, who was wearing a colorful dress: Meg the Easter egg?I mentioned how Chris left a work uniform on the ground last time, and I told Mike he could have it. And right then, Chris himself came over to visit. We had a full house!

Megan: Speaking of litterbugs. Jeff: Speak of the devil!We played a round of four-player sumo. Michael and Megan both got pushed out, but only Michael fell into a pitfall seed! Megan must’ve been wearing her hover boots because she flew right over the pit. I put up a fight, but Chris ultimately beat me. Congrats to Chris!

We then started taking a tour of sorts, visiting different parts of town. We went in Able Sisters, but I decided against doing the glitch (since getting out of it can be a pain sometimes). Then we visited Pac-Man Pond and Guest’s house. As we came out of the house, Chris had holes all around so we did the door glitch. It seems to work better at villagers’ houses rather than player houses, though. After that, Chris went down to the dead end. He removed my “Dead End” patterns for the last time.

Jeff: R.I.P. Dead End.As we went down to the ramp towards my house, I carefully watched my step. I buried a pitfall seed on the path, and Chris was the one who found it.

Chris falls in a pitfall as Michael looks on, worried.I still had some party poppers leftover, so I told everyone to take one. We went over to the bridge and popped them off. Our timing wasn’t exactly perfect, but that’s how it goes with lag in ACCF sometimes.

Four of us firing party poppers from the bridge.We hung out in my house and remembered some previous Wi-Fi moments, such as “I am the Koopa!” and “Equals pee.” After that, we went up to the museum to play museum tag. I was “it” first, and it took me a while to find someone. I wasn’t doing very good at hiding tonight, either. But one time, Chris was “it” and he found Megan. When she went outside to go count, she said “waow.” Apparently that means “Chris buried a pitfall and I fell into it” in Meganese. 😀

While Megan was away for a bit, the rest of us finished up playing museum tag and then we went to visit Bob’s grave.

Jeff, standing by purple roses at a house plot: Bob's funeral.Megan eventually returned, and we hung out in Elmer’s house. Elmer was standing there, moving his head from side to side. Apparently, no one else saw it, but I thought it was pretty funny.

Chris was reading everything we typed, so we were intentionally making him say funny things. Eventually, we went back outside and did the door glitch again, where we all bounced around. After that, we went to Scott’s house and did some merging.

Four of us merging into two spots in Scott's house.We went through the obstacle course in the basement one last time. Upstairs in the Gulliver room, we made Chris sing an odd version of the national anthem. But after a while, it started getting quiet as (we think) Chris was starting to drift off to sleep. We went to Octavian’s house and discussed the TV shows in Animal Crossing, including the “m-m-m-mustard” in the game show. Chris was getting tired, so he left shortly before 1:00.

The rest of us went to Nook’s to do the Nook door glitch, where Megan and Mike were temporarily stuck in Nook’s door after closing. We then headed over to the empty house, which we’ve previously joked was Megan’s house.

Megan, going in an empty house: ...Home.After we went back outside, I told Mike to pick three random letters. We then made some acronyms as to what those letters could stand for.

Megan: Jambette must makeup. Micheal: Jiggly musical mangos. Jeff: Jello may move.Up at the free flower area, I told them to take any flowers they wanted. I didn’t have a need for these flowers any more…so after Mike took a few flowers, we ran through and killed the rest.

Jeff, Mike, and Megan running through flowers and destroying them on finale night.I realized we didn’t need the sumo arena any more either. So I removed the tiles and we went pitdiving.

Jeff, Mike, and Megan all in pitfalls. Mike says R.I.P. sumo pit.We then returned to the empty house to do something Megan, Yann, and I used to do. When someone turned the lights on, we would use the shock emotion. And we applauded when someone turned off the light. Unfortunately, Mike didn’t have the applauding (delight) emotion, so it wasn’t quite the same. But it was a nice touch all the same.

Megan, Jeff, and Mike act shocked that the light is on.After that, it was 2:15. We were debating whether to end the party yet or not. But then, surprisingly, Yann came over to visit!

Jeff: We're in Meg's house!I’m glad Yann was able to make it, even if she was a bit late. 😀 We tried the clap/shock light thing again, so Yann could join in. And we just hung out and talked for a while. But around 2:45, I decided it was about time to wrap things up and say goodbye. I thought the fountain would be a good spot for it, so we stood there and posed for one last picture.

Jeff, Mike, Yann, and Megan pose near the fountain for one last picture before Wi-Fi online play ended for ACCF.We said our goodbyes, and a video clip of those last few moments will be in my final Wi-Fi Moments video. If you’d like to browse through the previous Wi-Fi Moments videos, you can find the whole playlist here.

A special thanks to Chris, Megan, Yann, and Michael for coming to the finale tonight. I had a great time, and we were able to do pretty much all of the things I was hoping to do one last time (sumo, museum tag, etc.). And thanks to all who I’ve played ACCF with since 2008. There have been lots of good times and lots of memories. It’s very sad to know that we’ll never be able to have a night like this again.

But even though online play has ended for City Folk, this blog will live on. I’ll still be playing ACCF on a regular basis, so there’s still more to come. I hope you’ll continue to visit JVGS for coverage of Animal Crossing and other games. Thank you all for reading and have a great night!

Update: Here is the video showing the highlights from finale night, ACCF Wi-Fi Moments #62.

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