A New Year on the Horizon

Soon after starting the game up tonight, I spotted Saharah. She was looking for old wallpaper, and I remembered that I had three of them ready to go from last time. I gave them to her, and in return, she gave me a lunar horizon.

Saharah: Here...a lunar horizon. Very exotic... Treasure it. It is a very rare thing.

I do like the lunar horizon, but I already have one. It’s the lunar surface that I need. In fact, I’ve been waiting to get the lunar surface from Saharah for eight years now! I’ve still never got one from her in all this time. She’s driving me loony! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I went around asking my villagers if they had any old wallpaper to give me. My favorite villager, Savannah, was the only one who did.

Savannah: That's fine! You're really welcome to my old one. It's not like I need it for anything!Benedict was sick with bird flu a cold, so I gave him some medicine that I already had in my pockets. This is him flapping flipping in the air; he is not part of that screen behind him, even if may look like it.

Benedict flips as he takes some medicine.Random, useless trivia: Four of my ten current villagers have four-letter names: Coco, Opal, Chow, and Tank. Four others have eight-letter names: Broccolo, Savannah, Bluebear, and Benedict. The other two have six letters: Static and Twiggy. They all have an even number of letters in their names. How odd…

I was planning on making a snowman today. Well, until this happened.

Animated GIF of a snowball rolling into the ocean in ACCF.While it’s true that I could have gone indoors and come back out to generate a replacement snowball, I wasn’t interested in searching for the new one. I was feeling a bit lazy. ๐Ÿ˜›

Some of my villagers were talking about New Year’s Eve being tomorrow.

Chow: So, you ready to say good-bye to 2016 tomorrow? Got any juicy resolutions to share?
I’m not sure what Broccolo is doing up there.

I don’t plan on playing for the countdown tomorrow night, but I will be back on Sunday (New Year’s Day). I want to be sure to pick up my New Year’s shirt, as I do every year. So I hope to see you then, and I hope you all have a happy and safe new year!

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