New Year’s Shirt 2017

I had a lot of letters in my mail box today, mostly Happy New Year greetings. That included letters from Chow, Twiggy, Static, Broccolo, Savannah, and Mom. Mom even included 1,000 bells with the letter.

Over at town hall, Tortimer gave me the New Year’s shirt for 2017. I try to collect these each year.

Tortimer: It's a New Year's shirt. And it's this year's limited-edition model!

I went in my house to take a look at it; there’s a chicken on the front! 2017 is the year of the rooster, so that’s the reasoning behind it. Here you can see me wearing the shirt, with my previous shirts (2010-2016) behind me.

Wearing the New Year's shirt 2017, with the shirts from 2010-2016 behind me.

The shirts have the year on the back. Here’s a look at the backs. Note: I apparently never saved the shirt from 2009, unfortunately.

Back view of me wearing the New Year's shirt 2017.When I went back outside, Tortimer told me the shirt looks better on me than anyone else in Forest. I appreciated the compliment, until he explained it a bit better. Apparently, that was only because no one else wants to wear theirs!

Tortimer: That is to say, no one else seems to want to wear theirs...Of course, my villagers wished me a happy new year. Savannah hopes we have a dreamy year in 2017.

Savannah: I hope this new year is absolutely dreamy for both of us, in stripes!Twiggy told me she plans on being more powerful in the new year. A more powerful tweety bird? What can she do? Chug two worms at once?

Twiggy: The me of 2017 is a new, more POWERFUL me! Like a robot! But without all the gears and stuff.Static even performed a dance for me, called the Dance of the Lonely Creamed Corn. It’s actually just him using a few different emotions in a row, but it’s a nice dance. Even if it is a bit corny.

Static: Anyway, this is called the Dance of the Lonely Creamed Corn! Enjoy!Benedict was still sick, so I went to the store to buy some medicine for him. I felt like I had to. It is the year of the rooster, after all. Also, today marks the one-year anniversary of his arrival in Forest!

An upside-down Benedict takes some medicine.And before I wrapped up my night, I took the bus out to the city. Phineas was there, and I asked him for a bunny balloon. He gave me a blue one.

Standing with my blue bunny balloon next to Phineas in the city.Happy new year, everyone!

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