Tank Fight

As I started up the game tonight, I spotted the northern lights up in the sky (along with a new moon). So I stopped to enjoy the sights and take a picture.

The northern lights and a new moon in Animal Crossing: City Folk.I began my usual walk around town, and Coco was also talking about the aurora up above.

Coco: You can see the aurora! Isn't it lovely?!
But how do YOU see it without eyes?

There was a new house in town, but I was not happy to see who was inside: It was Kitty. I’ve had her in my GameCube town before, and I was not a fan.

Kitty: Well, the rumors are true! I am the newly arrived Kitty that the whole town is talking about!
Are you the mayor’s new secretary?

I hope she doesn’t stick around long. I’m taking a good look and hoping it’s the last time I see her. Someone should put her on a yacht and send her seaward (if any Arrested Development fans catch my drift).

Tank asked me for some beige furniture, and I wasn’t sure what to give him. I checked the furniture on sale at the shop, but the only thing close was the computer (since the wooden desk it was on was beige-ish). I bought it and took it to Tank, but it wasn’t beige enough for him.

Tank: Dude, old dog, it's obvious computer furniture is what ignites your fired-upness.Tank: I want a beige! So, try flexing your head muscle real hard and remember that!That was pretty rude of him, especially when I just bought him a computer! Who turns down a free computer?! But if I can’t give him “a beige,” then I’m going to give him some black and blue.

Tank: The weight of my muscles crushed the planet! AWESOME!
Get rekt.

But despite that ordeal with Tank, I had a good night overall. I recorded two more clips for my upcoming video, and I should now have everything I need. All I have to do is put it all together and wrap it up. Look for it next week. πŸ™‚

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