Posing Under a Streetlight

I received Savannah’s goodbye letter in the mail today.

Dearest Jeff, I'm leaving Forest today... I know it's the right step, but I'm still sad, because I'll be leaving you. I hope I see you again someday. -Signed, SavannahI took this letter over the post office (in town hall) and saved it. I’ll keep it there with Bob’s goodbye letter, and many letters from old Wi-Fi friends.

In Able Sisters, I decided to buy this three-ball shirt. There’s no particular reason for it, other than I just wanted something different to wear.

Jeff wearing a three-ball shirt in Able Sisters in Animal Crossing: City Folk (ACCF) for Nintendo Wii.Benedict was sick with bird flu a cold, so I gave him some medicine I had in my pockets. I’ve started keeping some medicine with me most of the time, since I know I’m going to need it sooner or later.

Benedict flips as he takes his medicine.After making my rounds, finding today’s money rock, and buying another medicine to keep in my pockets, I took the bus to the city. I checked the emotions at the theater, mainly because I’m looking for Frillard for a future video. But his emotions are rare, so it may take me a while to find him.

It was raining in the city, and I chatted with Tom the cat. He said the rain makes him want to pose under a streetlight…as he was posing under a streetlight.

Tom, standing under a streetlight: Sometimes when it rains, I get the urge to pose under a streetlight like in one of those old movies.

Savannah’s Sad Surprise

As I walked from my house to the town hall plaza, a mysterious voice called out to me.

?????: Um, would you mind coming over here for just a second? Please?Of course, it belonged to Wisp the ghost. I sure haven’t seen him in a long time…and not just because he’s transparent. He asked me to find his lamp for him.

Wisp: You probably guessed, but the thing I need help finding is...my lamp.So I kept an eye out for his lamp as I made my rounds. Up by Able Sisters, Kitty wanted a new greeting. I told her to say “take a good look.”

Kitty: "Take a good look"... is that what you want, mrowrr?
Yes, but it’s the last time.

Over by Forest’s northwest bridge, I listened in on a conversation between Poncho and Freckles. Poncho asked Freckles to show him her “air badminton skills.” So Freckles started reciting a play-by-play of some sports action. But she clearly was getting her sports all mixed up.

Freckles: Freckles recovers the fumbled bat and charges down the fairway, dribbing the puck!
Ah, the great sport of footbasegolfbaskethockey.

Poncho was confused at the end, asking which sport she was playing. Freckles then said badminton was boring, so she made the whole thing up. You don’t say…

In the southern part of town, I found Wisp’s empty lamp among the palm trees.

Wisp's empty lamp near the palm trees in Animal Crossing: City Folk.Savannah’s house was nearby, so I went inside. My heart sank when I saw her furniture packed up in boxes. Savannah is moving out of town. 🙁

Savannah: Well, there's no point in hiding it. You've probably guessed, but I've decided to leave Forest.Savannah is one of my favorite animals in the entire Animal Crossing series, and she’s been quite elusive. I wanted her for years before she moved in, and I’ve never had her in New Leaf. The only time I remember having her in the GameCube game is when she moved out before I even got a chance to meet her. This is probably my saddest goodbye since Bob packed up in 2013.

Anyway, I then rejoined Wisp outside of town hall. He told me to take his lamp up into my attic and rub it there. So I did, and he offered to grant a wish for me.

Wisp: What do you want me to do?
I want you to stop Savannah from leaving.

The only options were for him to pull weeds, squash roaches, or give me stuff. I asked for furniture, and he gave me a Mama bear. Whoop-de-doo.

Three Astronauts

I visited Dotty today, and she has all her furniture unpacked now. But…why does she have three astronauts in here with her? I could understand having one space suit if you’re a big space fan, but why three of them, all in a row? I’m not sure what’s going on here, but I guess three is crater greater than one.

Three astronauts (Spaceman Sams) in Dotty's house in Animal Crossing: City Folk.In Nook ‘n’ Go, I saw this Japanese drum on sale, so I bought it. It might be fun to just bang on my drum all day.

Tom Nook: Yes, a Japanese drum. It costs 1,040 bells.When I visited Poncho, he told me about a dream he had. He said that a fish came out of the water and started tap dancing on its flippers! Weird guy.

Poncho: I had a dream that a fish came out of the water and started tap dancing on its flippers!I took a bus to the city, and I saw Phineas there. I asked him for a bunny balloon, and he obliged.

Phineas: Keep a tight grip on that balloon! Rabbits have a way of getting away from you, you know!He gave me a green one. I held it, and then stood next to another bunny, Gabi.

Me holding a green bunny balloon next to Gabi.
I think the balloon has a higher IQ.

Back in Forest, Tank was standing next to my house. He asked for a new catchphrase, and I told him to say “tank you.”

Tank: Tank you... Tank you... FRESH! It's like breathing a glacier, tank you!Savannah was locked out of her house, so of course I had to find her key for her. After fishing it out of the river, I gave her the key and she rewarded me with a blue cabinet.

Savannah: This is my key!