Three Astronauts

I visited Dotty today, and she has all her furniture unpacked now. But…why does she have three astronauts in here with her? I could understand having one space suit if you’re a big space fan, but why three of them, all in a row? I’m not sure what’s going on here, but I guess three is crater greater than one.

Three astronauts (Spaceman Sams) in Dotty's house in Animal Crossing: City Folk.In Nook ‘n’ Go, I saw this Japanese drum on sale, so I bought it. It might be fun to just bang on my drum all day.

Tom Nook: Yes, a Japanese drum. It costs 1,040 bells.When I visited Poncho, he told me about a dream he had. He said that a fish came out of the water and started tap dancing on its flippers! Weird guy.

Poncho: I had a dream that a fish came out of the water and started tap dancing on its flippers!I took a bus to the city, and I saw Phineas there. I asked him for a bunny balloon, and he obliged.

Phineas: Keep a tight grip on that balloon! Rabbits have a way of getting away from you, you know!He gave me a green one. I held it, and then stood next to another bunny, Gabi.

Me holding a green bunny balloon next to Gabi.
I think the balloon has a higher IQ.

Back in Forest, Tank was standing next to my house. He asked for a new catchphrase, and I told him to say “tank you.”

Tank: Tank you... Tank you... FRESH! It's like breathing a glacier, tank you!Savannah was locked out of her house, so of course I had to find her key for her. After fishing it out of the river, I gave her the key and she rewarded me with a blue cabinet.

Savannah: This is my key!

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