I’ve Seen a Ghost

As I walked near town hall tonight, a mysterious voice called out to me. Was it a villager behind the bulletin board? Or a bird on the roof? Nah, that would be ridiculous. It was just the ghost genie, Wisp.

?????: Um... Hellooooooo. Excuse me?He asked me to look for his magic lamp. Sure, no problem.

Up near the town fountain, I bumped into Freckles. She told me she was thinking about moving, and I did not try to stop her. I don’t really care if she lives here or not. In fact, I forgot she did live here until I ran into her.

Freckles: I'm moving, cluck! Jeff: That's GREAT!When I visited Kitty, she told me it’s easy to get too much sun exposure in summer. So she advised me to be careful. Okay, good advice. But then she said it must be nice to be a guy and not have to worry about that. Whatttt? Guys can get sunburned too! I don’t understand what she meant by that.

Kitty: It must be nice to be a guy and not have to worry about things like that.On my 2nd walk around town, I spotted Wisp’s magic lamp on the ground. I picked it up and took it back to Wisp.

Wisp: Whoooooo! Oh, hoooooray! You did it! You found my lamp! Now I can finally return home!He told me to take the lamp to my attic and rub it there. So I did, and he popped out of it. I asked him for furniture and he gave me a modern lamp before disappearing.

Wisp: I gotcha! Hmmm... Let's see... Let's see, what do I have? ...AH HA!

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  1. Freckles said she was planning to leave after she’d already left? You said you forgot “she did leave here”.

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