Punch Me Poncho

As expected, Freckles has now left Forest. I got her goodbye letter in the mail today.

My friend Jeff, Wah, Jeff! Today is finally the day I leave Forest forever. Thanks for being such a great BFF! Take care! -Yours, FrecklesStatic was sick with a cold. I wonder if the cold gives him electric boogies. I gave him some medicine, so he should be feeling better soon. Hopefully.

Static flips as he takes some medicine.Chow wanted a new catchphrase, so I decided to revive one I’ve used before: if I die. Unfortunately, I somehow neglected to capitalize the “i.” Oops.

Chow: Hmph... I don't want your symphony. Sometimes an animal just needs to be alone, if I die.Tank asked me to make a delivery to Kitty, and that gift was a blue sweatsuit. Kitty didn’t care for it. But Tank still gave me an exquisite rug for my trouble.

I went fishing in the river, and I caught an eel that I put in my house (for future use). I sold the rest of my catches.

When I bumped into Poncho, he asked me for a new catchphrase. I told him to say “punch me.” Partially because it sounds a bit like Poncho, and partially because I want to punch him. Just kidding…maybe. But he has not grown on me in the time he’s lived here. Definitely not one of my favorite next-door neighbors that I’ve had.

Poncho: "Punch me"... Did I hear that right? I mean, whoa.

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