Ciao, Chow

Chow had his belongings all packed up in boxes today. He’s been alright during his time in Forest, but I won’t particularly miss him.

Chow: Anyway, as you can see, I've decided it's time for me to hit the road! I'm movin' outta town!Saharah was in town yet again, still looking for old wallpaper. Static and Tangy each gave me their old wallpaper.

Tangy: Hey, perfect timing! I just found some old wallpaper in my basement, reeeeOWR!But those two weren’t enough, since you need to give Saharah three of them to get a rare wallpaper. So I put them both into storage for now.

In late July, the grass turns a bluish shade of green. It’s particularly noticeable near my crop circles. Since the color of a pattern isn’t going to automatically change based on the time of year, it’s going to really stand out for much of the year.

My crop circle pattern standing out now that the grass color has changed.I spotted a balloon present and shot it down with my slingshot, even though I snapped this picture a fraction of a second too early. It contained a brick block (from the Mario set).

Shooting my slingshot at a balloon present flying overhead in ACCF.I took a bus ride out to the city, but most of the shops were already closed for the night.

Sick Kitty

Kitty was sick with a cold today. She looks so sad and depressed that it was kind of funny. 😛

Kitty looks sad and depressed. She's sick with a cold in ACCF.
By the way, this is the 6,000th picture I’ve saved in ACCF!

Saharah was in town again today, looking for old wallpaper. So I began asking my villagers, and Nan happily gave me some.

Nan: That's fine! You're really welcome to my old one. It's not like I need it for anything!Outside, Chow told me that he was planning on moving out of town soon.

Chow: Anyhow, I'm not vanishing this instant, just letting you know I'll be gone soon, if I die.I told him not to go, but he didn’t change his mind.

After a stop at Nook ‘n’ Go, I took some medicine over to Kitty.

Kitty flips upside down as she takes some medicine in Animal Crossing: City Folk (ACCF) for Nintendo Wii.Other than Nan, none of my villagers had old wallpaper for me. But fortunately, I had two of them in storage. So I took all three back to Saharah, and she gave me a mortar wall. Again! That’s what she gave me last week! I guess this makes her my mortar enemy.

Saharah: Here...a mortar wall. Very exotic... Treasure it. It is a very rare thing.I then took the bus out to the city. While there, I had a chat with my old friend Biskit, who mentioned a girl from Jannali. Jannali was Brian’s town. It’s kind of interesting how characters will remember the players you’ve played with before, even though it’s been years since Nintendo pulled the plug on the service.

Biskit: I saw this one girl from Jannali who had a, um, kind of interesting-looking noggin!

Mortar Wall & Saving Nan

Saharah was in town today, looking for old wallpaper. Static was the first villager I asked about it, and surprisingly, he had some for me.

Static: Old wallpaper? Yeah, you're right on time. I just took some down.In fact, three of the first four villagers I asked had some for me (Nan and Tank were the others that helped out). But those three were the only three. Still, that was enough to get a rare wallpaper, so I took them back to Saharah. She gave me a mortar wall in return.

Saharah: Here...a mortar wall. Very exotic... Treasure it. It is a very rare thing.The good news is that the mortar wall was a wallpaper that I still needed for my catalog checklist. Not that I care much about completing my catalog any more, but still, I’ll take it. The bad news is that the wallpaper didn’t look like anything special.

The mortar wall from Saharah on display in my house in ACCF.When I visited Poncho, he was wondering if anything secret was buried in Forest. He wasn’t talking about fossils or gyroids, but he suggested there’s something bigger underground. Very interesting… I wonder what Nintendo had in mind here. How about an underground mine to dig for ore?

Poncho: We got fossils, gyroids, garbage... But I got a hunch there's something BIGGER down there!I picked a few dandelion puffs, and took them over to the alien landing site. The aliens’ tractor beams abducted the flying puffs and took them up into the sky! Or maybe it was just the wind.

Blowing some dandelion puffs at the crop circle (mystery circle) in Animal Crossing: City Folk.Nan told me she was thinking about moving out of town. Even though she’s not my favorite animal, I really didn’t want her to leave this soon. Maybe she grew on me a bit when she lived in my New Leaf town in 2014. So I talked her into staying.

Nan: What's wrong with me?! The answer is so obvious! I'm going to stay, kid!