July Bugs & A Recycled Fossil

Now that July is here, all summer bugs are out in full force. So I grabbed my net and went bug-hunting last night. But I forgot that it’s not always safe to walk around with my net out. I encountered my first tarantula of the year, and I did not win the battle.

Jeff passes out after being attacked by a tarantula in Animal Crossing: City Folk.Animal Crossing: New Leaf has the island, which is great for bug-catching, but not as many bugs seem to appear in town. City Folk has lots of tree beetles on summer nights, so I still prefer bug-hunting in ACCF. I caught quite a few bugs last night, including this elephant beetle on the peninsula.

I caught an elephant beetle! The heavyweight champion!Unfortunately, I was finding lots of Miyama stags and dynastid beetles, and not as many of the more valuable beetles. But still, I enjoyed my bug hunt and I earned 44,000 bells in the process.

I played again today (early in the evening). To my surprise, I found a parasaur skull in the recycle bin at town hall! It’s not very often you find a fossil in there! But what makes this even more interesting, is that a parasaur skull is the same fossil I found in Wild World on Wednesday, which completed my fossil exhibit in that game!

A parasaur skull I found in the recycle bin in ACCF.Over on the bridge, I stopped to enjoy the sunset. What a pretty time of day.

Watching the sunset in Animal Crossing: City Folk (ACCF) for Nintendo Wii.I ran a few errands for villagers, and I also did my usual things like digging up the fossils I saw.

Animated GIF of Jeff digging up a fossil in Animal Crossing: City Folk (ACCF) for Nintendo Wii.After a bus ride out to the city, I ended my game for the day.

Just a note for those of you who have been following this blog for a while. All old entries have now been converted to the current WordPress format and are available to read. You can now scroll through the months all the way back to April 2011, when this blog began. If you’d like to read them from the start, here’s a link to first entry, and some other notable entries you may enjoy.

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10 thoughts on “July Bugs & A Recycled Fossil”

  1. The Bob’s goodbye entry got me choked up. I remember doing something similar with my dad when Gaston moved out back in 2009.

      1. I’ve been following your videos and blogs since I was 13 (I’m 21 now). I finally got the guts to comment after all this time! I’m a nervous individual.

          1. When I started playing Animal Crossing way back in 2008, I was in 7th grade and my science teacher made me sit next to the tarantula because she thought it would cure my phobia of spiders. Summer arrives, one night I’m playing City Folk with my dad, and I’m telling him about how she made me sit by the tarantula. He says “well, aren’t you glad there are no tarantulas in Animal Crossing?”

            Then a tarantula jumped out and killed me.

            The irony physically hurt.

            I’ll definitely be commenting more now that I’ve made the first jump!

            1. Oh wow. Well at least tarantulas don’t show up on the blog very often. 😛

              Sounds good! I’ll see you around. 🙂

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