Mortar Wall & Saving Nan

Saharah was in town today, looking for old wallpaper. Static was the first villager I asked about it, and surprisingly, he had some for me.

Static: Old wallpaper? Yeah, you're right on time. I just took some down.In fact, three of the first four villagers I asked had some for me (Nan and Tank were the others that helped out). But those three were the only three. Still, that was enough to get a rare wallpaper, so I took them back to Saharah. She gave me a mortar wall in return.

Saharah: Here...a mortar wall. Very exotic... Treasure it. It is a very rare thing.The good news is that the mortar wall was a wallpaper that I still needed for my catalog checklist. Not that I care much about completing my catalog any more, but still, I’ll take it. The bad news is that the wallpaper didn’t look like anything special.

The mortar wall from Saharah on display in my house in ACCF.When I visited Poncho, he was wondering if anything secret was buried in Forest. He wasn’t talking about fossils or gyroids, but he suggested there’s something bigger underground. Very interesting… I wonder what Nintendo had in mind here. How about an underground mine to dig for ore?

Poncho: We got fossils, gyroids, garbage... But I got a hunch there's something BIGGER down there!I picked a few dandelion puffs, and took them over to the alien landing site. The aliens’ tractor beams abducted the flying puffs and took them up into the sky! Or maybe it was just the wind.

Blowing some dandelion puffs at the crop circle (mystery circle) in Animal Crossing: City Folk.Nan told me she was thinking about moving out of town. Even though she’s not my favorite animal, I really didn’t want her to leave this soon. Maybe she grew on me a bit when she lived in my New Leaf town in 2014. So I talked her into staying.

Nan: What's wrong with me?! The answer is so obvious! I'm going to stay, kid!

5 thoughts on “Mortar Wall & Saving Nan”

  1. Have you considered starting over on one of the games and doing a youtube series?(Don’t actually get rid of your towns. I meant like buying a second copy). It’s cool if you don’t it’s just a suggestion of course. It could be fun to get a new town layout new villagers etc.

    1. No, I don’t plan to. I do already have many videos of Forest. I know it can be fun to start fresh, but that’s what I did with Wild World (my WW town was just started last October). I think I’ll wait for the next AC game (hopefully on Switch) before starting a new town.

  2. Static lived in my first City Folk town. He was my BFF, always having old wallpaper and carpet for me. Nan was in my Wild World town, and she was great to have around.

    1. Yeah, I’ve had Static in my GameCube town for ages. I’ve always liked him, grumpiness and all. Nan is someone that I didn’t care much for at first, but she grew on me.

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