Sick Kitty

Kitty was sick with a cold today. She looks so sad and depressed that it was kind of funny. 😛

Kitty looks sad and depressed. She's sick with a cold in ACCF.
By the way, this is the 6,000th picture I’ve saved in ACCF!

Saharah was in town again today, looking for old wallpaper. So I began asking my villagers, and Nan happily gave me some.

Nan: That's fine! You're really welcome to my old one. It's not like I need it for anything!Outside, Chow told me that he was planning on moving out of town soon.

Chow: Anyhow, I'm not vanishing this instant, just letting you know I'll be gone soon, if I die.I told him not to go, but he didn’t change his mind.

After a stop at Nook ‘n’ Go, I took some medicine over to Kitty.

Kitty flips upside down as she takes some medicine in Animal Crossing: City Folk (ACCF) for Nintendo Wii.Other than Nan, none of my villagers had old wallpaper for me. But fortunately, I had two of them in storage. So I took all three back to Saharah, and she gave me a mortar wall. Again! That’s what she gave me last week! I guess this makes her my mortar enemy.

Saharah: Here...a mortar wall. Very exotic... Treasure it. It is a very rare thing.I then took the bus out to the city. While there, I had a chat with my old friend Biskit, who mentioned a girl from Jannali. Jannali was Brian’s town. It’s kind of interesting how characters will remember the players you’ve played with before, even though it’s been years since Nintendo pulled the plug on the service.

Biskit: I saw this one girl from Jannali who had a, um, kind of interesting-looking noggin!