Ciao, Chow

Chow had his belongings all packed up in boxes today. He’s been alright during his time in Forest, but I won’t particularly miss him.

Chow: Anyway, as you can see, I've decided it's time for me to hit the road! I'm movin' outta town!Saharah was in town yet again, still looking for old wallpaper. Static and Tangy each gave me their old wallpaper.

Tangy: Hey, perfect timing! I just found some old wallpaper in my basement, reeeeOWR!But those two weren’t enough, since you need to give Saharah three of them to get a rare wallpaper. So I put them both into storage for now.

In late July, the grass turns a bluish shade of green. It’s particularly noticeable near my crop circles. Since the color of a pattern isn’t going to automatically change based on the time of year, it’s going to really stand out for much of the year.

My crop circle pattern standing out now that the grass color has changed.I spotted a balloon present and shot it down with my slingshot, even though I snapped this picture a fraction of a second too early. It contained a brick block (from the Mario set).

Shooting my slingshot at a balloon present flying overhead in ACCF.I took a bus ride out to the city, but most of the shops were already closed for the night.