Midge Moves In

Today, Tangy told me she needed a Peking Man in her life.

Tangy: Yeppers! What my house needs is a touch of the old. I totally need to get, like, a Peking Man!

So I went up to her house and peeked in her window. Nah, she wanted a fossil…a specific fossil. And she wasn’t the only one with an overly specific request: Opal asked me for a ptera left wing. As you might have guessed, I was unable to fulfill either of those requests today. In fact, I didn’t even find a fossil to dig up!

There was a new house in town, and it belonged to Midge the bird. She just moved in today. I know birds often eat insects, so I wonder if Midge eats midges.

Midge: I just moved into town, and I really haven't had time to get settled yet. My name is Midge.When I visited Poncho, he was talking about the summer heat and how he loves tanning. But would he even get tan? Or would he just turn a darker shade of blue?

Poncho: We gotta get out there and get tan, stat! I'm orderin' myself well done!
“I’m afraid I just blue myself.”

Speaking of summertime, I’ve noticed that (unfortunately), none of my villagers have started wearing bikinis yet! I thought at least one of them would be wearing a bikini by now.

When coming out of my house, there’s something that often catches my eye and tricks me for a split-second. Look at the top-right corner of the following picture, between the bulletin board and town hall.

Colored stripes appear to be a rainbow in the corner.It almost looks like a rainbow. But it’s just the stripes on the side of Nook ‘n’ Go. Still, it catches my eye pretty often.

I turned the game off for a couple hours, but returned later on. There was a meteor shower going on, and Kitty joined me on the bridge to watch them.

Jeff and Kitty stand on the bridge as a shooting star flies by overhead during a meteor shower in ACCF.

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  1. I finally got Nook ‘n Go the other day. I remember when I first got City Folk, I was only allowed to play when Nook was open. I was pretty upset when Nookingtons came along…

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