One Last Bug Hunt

I visited Dotty today, and I noticed two Spaceman Sams in her house. That was even odd, because for a long time, she’s had three astronauts! Where did the other one go? The lunar rover is still here, so he couldn’t have driven away. Did Dotty kill him and then bury him in the sand? Leave your theories in the comments! 😉

Two astronauts (Spaceman Sams) in Dotty's house.When I stopped in to see Poncho, I saw that he was all packed up and ready to move out (like we discussed). Take care, Poncho!

Poncho: Hey... Hold up... Oh, yeah! I just remembered I'm bailing out of this town!
You just remembered? Wouldn’t these boxes clue you in?

At the gate, Booker informed me that Wendell was in town somewhere (even though I hadn’t seen him at that point). But I was in no rush to see the walrus. Now that I have my mystery circle, I don’t need him right now.

Booker: Someone who looked a lot like the famous artist, Wendell, came through here... I think.Since it’s the last day of August, many of the valuable summer bugs will be gone by tomorrow. So I made one last bug-hunting run tonight, and I caught a good variety.

I caught a scorpion! It looks kind of crabby to me...

I caught a scorpion, a tarantula, a golden stag, a rainbow stag, a cyclommatus, a scarab beetle, three goliath beetles, a couple of giant beetles, and several others. I also fished two sharks out of the ocean. Not bad for about 25 minutes of hunting. My catches earned me about 140,000 bells altogether.


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