New House, New Mouse

In the northeast corner of town (near the homes of Midge and Guest), I found a new house. Inside the house, I found a new mouse. Welcome to Forest, Samson!

Samson: SWEEEEEET! Good to meet you. My name's Samson!In the western part of town, Opal gave me a new shirt–a kiwi shirt. I decided to put it on, since I was in need of new clothes. And this isn’t one of my usual shirts, so it’s nice to try something new occasionally.

Opal: I don't want to get your hopes up, but...this present is exceptional!While standing on the town’s southern bridge, Tangy told me that she was feeling bloated. She just ate 50 pounds of fruit salad! Wow.

Tangy: I just ate, like, 50 pounds of fruit salad, so I'm feeling kinda bloated.
Well, you are what you eat.

Opal asked me to make a delivery to Midge, so I agreed to help out. The package contained a bone shirt…just like the bone shirt I recently gave Rhonda in Wild World. Well, with Halloween coming up in a few weeks, this is a good time to wear your bones on the outside of your body.

Midge: Oh, is that what I think it is? A bone shirt? Well, it's a sweet gesture. I guess I should accept!Kitty locked herself out of her house, and I wasn’t interested in fishing for her key. But I was a bit surprised when I realized what she was wearing…the star bikini! Doesn’t she feel cold wearing it this time of year?

Kitty, wearing a bikini: Wow.