The Philosopher

When I spoke with Static today, he asked if I’d like to play a game of Cat Burglar and Private Eye. Once I agreed to play, he revealed that he was really talking about hide-and-seek. I figured as much anyway. He gave me ten minutes to find him, Samson, and Midge.

Static: OK, that does it for rules! We all clear? OK, then, I'm out of here, cluck! Hehehe... Ninja vanish!Three minutes into the game, I found Samson hiding behind a tree near the fountain. Another minute after that, I found Static trying to hide behind a sign post!

Static hides behind a sign post during a game of hide and seek in Animal Crossing: City Folk.I probably spent too much time taking the above picture. I was waiting for him to lean out just right, and I got too picky. But I continued on my search. I ran into Groucho, and he told me he was thinking of moving away. I didn’t try to stop him.

Groucho: I mean, I'm not taking off this very second... but I'll be gone before long, grumble.There was only about a minute left on the clock by the time I made a full circle around town. I still hadn’t found Midge, so I began a 2nd lap around Forest. But by the time I made my way back to Samson again, time had run out. I lost the game. So I didn’t get a prize, and Static told me nobody expected me to win anyway. Thanks, pal.

Static: Well, it's not like anyone expected you to win. After all, I'm a battle-hardened veteran at this...
You had an obvious hiding spot. Midge should get the credit, not you.

When I met up with Opal, she told me she saw a philosopher standing on a bridge in town. I knew she meant Pascal, of course, but I don’t recall seeing this dialogue before. I don’t remember anyone referring to him as a philosopher, nor do I recall the game specifically telling you that scallops are what he desires.

Opal: Maybe I'll slip that philosopher a few scallops later, I'm a gem.

Fortunately, I had a scallop attached to a letter. I took it over to Pascal on the bridge, and he gave me a ship deck (flooring) in return. He also advised me not to sweat the small stuff, unless it’s a virus.

Pascal: Don't sweat the small stuff, man. Unless it's a virus.Benedict asked me for a fossil, so I gave him an apato skull. He rewarded me with 520 bells; that’s not very much for a fossil! Then, he said he’s going to sleep with the skull tonight. Uh, okay…

Benedict: Huh huh huh huh! My little apato skull can sleep with me tonight!