Champ Moves In, ACCF Turns 9

When I started up the game today, I saw that I had a new next-door neighbor! Just like I predicted last time, that spot didn’t stay empty for long. I went inside and met my newest neighbor Champ the monkey. I like him already. 🙂

Champ: WHOA! You must be one of my new Forest neighbors!Tangy, who also lives nearby (just a bit to the south, near the windmill) was sick with a cold today. She must not be eating enough Vitamin C! I bought some medicine for her. Get well soon, Tangy!

Tangy takes some medicine in Animal Crossing: City Folk.
Orange you glad I brought you medicine?

Dotty asked me to make a delivery to Samson, and I agreed to help out. After I told Samson he had a gift from Dotty, he had a big cheesy smile on his face.

Samson, smiling widely: Huh? It's from Dotty?The gift was a fire hydrant. Seems more apt for a dog than a mouse, but Samson seemed to enjoy it. With the delivery a splashing success, I returned to Dotty. She rewarded me a pastel-dot wall.

After making my rounds, I rode the bus out to the city. I decided to make a rare visit to Katrina the fortune teller. After dropping a bucket on my head, she told me something bad may or may not be in my future. So it was just a neutral fortune.

A bucket drops on my head as Katrina prepares to tell me my fortune in Animal Crossing: City Folk. Even though Halloween is over, I spotted Tabby in the city. She told me how she followed a girl back to her bus. I guess Tabby is creepy in more ways than one.

Tabby: And of course, I was all, like, "Where is SHE from," so I kinda followed her to the bus.And today is the 9th anniversary of Animal Crossing: City Folk! It came out on November 16, 2008. Here is my annual slideshow of ACCF pics.

If you’d like, feel free to check out my very first moments in ACCF in my Getting Started video. Or browse through the full list of my City Folk videos.

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