Nan on the Lam

Nan is moving out of town; I found her all packed up and ready to go today. I don’t know why she’s running away, but I’m okay with it. She’s not bad, but I’m not really a big Nan fan.

Nan: Well, there's no point in hiding it. You've probably guessed, but I've decided to leave Forest.At Able Sisters, there was a Jingle shirt for sale. Since it’s almost December, I decided to buy it and put it on.

Over by the waterfall, Samson asked if I’d like to play a game of hide-and-seek. I agreed, so I had ten minutes to find Samson, Opal, and Benedict. I found Benedict after one minute and Opal after two minutes, so I thought it was going to be an easy game.

However, the timer kept counting down as I circled around town without finding the mouse man. But with two minutes to go, I found Samson behind a tree. He actually wasn’t far from where Opal was. It wasn’t easy, but I won the game. Samson rewarded me with a folding chair. Not a gyroid? Surprising.

Samson: OK, to commemorate your awesome victory, here's a folding chair for ya!I visited my newest neighbor, Champ the monkey, and he told me that he recently challenged Tangy to see who could stay awake the longest. It took him 98 hours, but Champ is the…well, champ.

Champ: But I have to say, it was tougher than I thought. Good thing I'm awesome.But staying awake for long periods isn’t the only thing Champ and Tangy have in common: They both own that cool train set. 🙂

I decided to shake a tree, and the very first tree I shook had a bee in it! But fortunately, I was able to catch the bee before it stung me.

I caught a bee! Bzz! Bzz! Bzz!Midge locked herself out of her house, but I didn’t bother helping her out. I saw Pete out delivering mail, which meant that today was not a UFO day. It’s been a year and a half since I’ve last shot one down (May 2016)! One of these days, I’ll shoot that ship down once again…

2 thoughts on “Nan on the Lam”

  1. Been playing since July 2011 and still haven’t even seen the UFO in City Folk. I seen your guide for it years ago, but I guess I play too casually for me to see it. I still enjoy finding him on the beach in Population Growing or New Leaf at least!

    1. Yeah, if you’re not specifically looking the UFO, it’s hard to accidentally run into it (let alone have your slingshot ready in time to shoot it down). I like the idea of shooting down the UFO, but they made it way too rare.

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