Buying a Festive Tree

As I started the game up today, I got Nan’s goodbye letter in the mail.

Dear Jeff, Today's my last day. I'm leaving Forest. Good-bye, Jeff. I hope you won't forget me! -Good-bye, Nan

I also received a letter from Mom (she sent me an apple), and my monthly statement from the Bank of Nintendo (informing me I earned 99,999 bells in interest for the month).

At Nook ‘n’ Go, I saw Nook had a large festive tree for sale. Since it’s December now, I bought it and put it in my house.

Tom Nook: Yes, a big festive tree. It costs 1,984 bells.

Samson was sick with a cold, so I gave him some medicine I had in my pockets. He flipped for it; I wonder if it was cheese flavored.

Samson flips as he takes some medicine.

Over by the waterfall, Kitty asked me for a new greeting. Since she was still wearing a skimpy bikini in the cold December weather, I told her to say “I feel so cold.”

Kitty: I feel so cold...You can see Wendell’s “mystery circle” patterns in that picture. Speaking of Wendell, he was in town again today. But I wasn’t looking for any of his designs, so I didn’t even speak to him.

Static asked me for a fossil, and he was lucky I was feeling generous today. I gave him a parasaur tail, and he seemed to enjoy it. In return, he gave me a TV with a VCR, which is nearly as old as the fossil. 😛

Static: You really came through for me there, buddy. I'd like you to have a TV with a VCR.

At the gate, I cleaned out the lost and found. I currently have 25 pitfall seeds, not counting the one that’s buried in the corner of town, or any that I may have in storage. Why am I hoarding pitfall seeds? Maybe I’ll put them to use at some point next year. 😉

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