Dotty Departs

As soon as I came out of my house today, Champ was standing there waiting for me. He asked me to make a delivery to Tangy…who was also nearby. 😛

Champ: Truck this over to Tangy, choo CHOO!

So I made the long journey over to Tangy, and handed her the gift. It was a Toad shirt, and Tangy put it on right away.

Tangy: Oh, wow! I think this is a Toad shirt!

After telling Champ I made the delivery, he rewarded me by giving me an illusion floor.

Dotty is now all packed up and ready to move out of town, so I went and said goodbye to her. I took a good look, ’cause it’s the last time.

Dotty: Don't forget what I look like! Take a goooooood look, wee one!

Over at Able Sisters, I bought myself a space suit. Now that Christmas is over, it’s time to put the Jingle shirt away. But Opal spotted the Jingle shirt in my pockets, and she gave me a blue-trim wall for it. She didn’t change into the shirt, though.

I then went over to Samson’s house and played with his bowling balls for a while.

Animated GIF of me playing with bowling balls.

After a quick trip to the city, I returned to town. Midge says that when she sees the snow, she forgets how cold it really is. Odd, because I’d think the mere existence of snow should give her a hint that it’s cold out here.

Midge: When I see the town blanketed in snow, it makes me forget how cold it really is, tweedledee.
Does Pete have mail for her, or is he just sniffing her hair?

I’ll be back on Monday to pick up my New Year’s shirt for 2018!

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