Tabby & Monkini

I found a new house in town, and I went inside. But what is this? It’s not Halloween! Is this a practical joke? No, Tabby has just moved into town. Ugh. Why?

Tabby: Well, I'm Tabby, and I'm the newest resident of your awesome town!
Why did I ever let Dotty leave?

Well, on the bright side, maybe this will motivate me to have my planned pitfall fun sooner rather than later. I’ll want to make sure Tabby is one of the victims participants. 😉

Static was sick with a cold, so I gave him some medicine. Get well soon, squirrel friend.

Static: Whoa, everything went dark for a minute just now. Was there an eclipse, cluck?

Champ the monkey became my latest villager (and the first male animal) to start wearing a bikini. It’s Forest’s first monkini.

Champ, wearing a skimpy bikini: You know, there are some cool handmade clothes out there, choo CHOO!Champ wears a bikini in ACCF.

Tangy asked me to make a delivery to Opal. The gift was a poncho, and Opal didn’t particularly like it. But she still put it on. Tangy then rewarded me with a round cactus.

Tangy: You totally have to take my round cactus! Go ahead, I'm a gem!
What a prickly situation.


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