No Mercy

Tabby the genius locked herself out of her house tonight. Rather than sticking her lazy paws in the river to get her key out, she just wanted to cry about how there’s no food outside and she’s going to have to eat dirt, sticks, and bugs. Nevermind the fact that she was surrounded by coconuts as she said all of this.

Tabby: WAAAAAAAAH! I'm gonna have to eat DIRT and stuff, tweedledee! And sticks! And buuuuuuugs!

As you could probably guess, I did not help her look for her house key.

I saw two snowballs around town, and I decided to build a snowman. But I made sure to build a disfigured snowman. He wasn’t happy about how he looked.

Snowman: It would have been more merciful to leave me as disconnected flakes, unable to hear the scorn of others.
Nah, now you can suffer like everyone else.

Samson was feeling under the weather, so I bought some medicine for him. He used his newfound cheerleading skills to backflip the medicine down.

Samson flips as he takes his medicine in Animal Crossing: City Folk (ACCF) for Nintendo Wii.

Wendell the starving artist walrus was in town, but I didn’t speak with him.

I may have my next ACCF video ready by next weekend. It’s not another pitfall video or anything like that, though. In a way, I’m making the video for New Leaf players…who may not realize (or may have forgotten) some of the unique things you can do in City Folk. I’ll have a bonus blog entry to accompany it as well. See you next week!

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