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Jeff's ACCF Blog (Animal Crossing: City Folk)
Thursday, February 28, 2013
Where the river flows.

Pascal was in town today, standing on one of my bridges.













I searched the beach and found a scallop to give him. He gave me a ship compass in return before plunging into the cold river. I tested the ship compass out, and indeed, the needle keeps pointing north even when you rotate the compass itself.













I then decided to try out this pattern, made by Green Knight on ACC. MrTobytiger23 suggested I use it after I wasn't pleased with the last water pattern I tried. As usual, the patterns on ACC are based on the Wild World palettes, so I had to change it up. I also picked a shade that looked more blue and less turquoise; I also removed the fish shadow from the pattern.













This one flows together better, especially horizontally. You can still tell it's tiled vertically, but this is definitely better than the last one. I quickly copied it onto my path pattern slot to see what it looked like.













That's not going to be my path long-term, but I don't mind using it for a week or two.

After I was done, I started up my Bananas town. I got a goodbye letter from Puck. Why do all my penguins keep leaving me? What the Puck am I doing wrong?













I gathered up some fruit and fossils to earn some money, then I put all my money into the bank. Since today is the last day of the month, I'll earn some interest on it tomorrow. I nearly have 75% of the money I need for my lighthouse.

Posted by jvgsjeff at 5:25 PM EST
Monday, February 25, 2013
Spring has sprung!

Winter is over in the world of Animal Crossing. The snow has melted and grass is green once again.













I started to water my flowers and I saw Saharah. Today she was looking for old wallpaper.













In the Able Sisters' shop, I decided to put my chocolate pattern into my pattern storage. I also put it on display in case any visitors want it.













I saw Anabelle was enjoying coffee at The Roost. So I couldn't ask her for old wallpaper.













I asked my other eight villagers though, but I wasn't getting much help.













Del was the only animal who had an old wallpaper for me. But I did have two of them in storage, so I had the three required for a rare wallpaper. Once I tracked down Saharah again, she gave me the meadow vista. Unfortunately, it's not one that I needed.













Happy spring, everyone!

Posted by jvgsjeff at 6:27 PM EST
Sunday, February 24, 2013
The sudden disappearance of Amelia.

I got a letter in the mail from Amelia. She moved out today, without warning. She was my third least-favorite villager, so I don't have a problem with that.













As for the snow on the ground, today is its swan song. It will be gone as of tomorrow.

While talking to Rowan near my house, I witnessed something strange. Do you see the dirt patch on the left in the following picture?













That dirt patch is actually Del's house. As I was talking to Rowan, Del came out of his house...which was invisible to me from that perspective. So Del just appeared out of thin air. It looked pretty funny; too bad I wasn't recording a video.

I went into the Able Sisters' shop and they had a grape hat for sale. Mabel said it would scream "grape!"  I'm not so sure that screaming "GRAPE!" is a good idea...













I watered my flowers and then made my way back to town hall. I deposited some money in the bank, and my balance reached 18 million bells.

Posted by jvgsjeff at 5:41 PM EST
Friday, February 22, 2013

I hadn't checked in on my Bananas town in a few days, so I fired it up tonight. I got the money rock, got two fossils identified, and filled up my pockets with fruit. But right before I got to Nook's, the clock struck 9:00 and Nookington's closed. Ugh. I can't wait until I can change it back to Nook 'n' Go. Since I couldn't sell anything, I just shook all the fruit trees and ended my game. Even though I can't sell the fruit today, shaking them off the tree means the fruit will grow back sooner. If I waited until tomorrow to shake them off, that be one extra day until they produced a new batch.

Anyway, I later started up my main town of Forest. It was snowing, so I didn't need to water my flowers. Shortly after 10:00, I opened my gate for Friday Night Forest. Yann and Megan came over to visit. Ryan was trying to visit too, but he wasn't able to connect. Anyway, Megan told me that she now has Coco (the gyroidic rabbit) in her town. I responded that I had cocoa in my town (my chocolate path patterns).













We hung out in Bob's house for a while. At 11:00, the show changed from weather to a game show. 













We started making jokes about the game show. One of the contestants seems to be saying "m-m-mustard," so I wondered if the question had been "What goes good on a hot dog?" But "m-m-mustard" is actually an incorrect response. Maybe he just forgot to say it in the form of a question.













We did some fishing and we tried to find a goldfish for Megan. A while ago, she caught one in Forest, only to find her pockets were full and there was no space to swap out an item. So she had to let it go. That's why she needed another one to donate to her museum. And she finally got one tonight, so congratulations to Meg!

At one point, I saw Avery using his greeting, "I can't fly!" His next sentence was "It's pretty icy out," which gives a logical reason to why he can't fly. I think I'm over-explaining. Anyway, I took a picture, but it wouldn't let me save it for some reason. But fortunately, I was recording a video, so I was able to snag a frame from the video. 













Later on, we all showed off our super rare fish! It's so rare you probably haven't heard of it. It's called a sea bass. I'm sure you're quite jealous of these rare catches!













We ended up playing until about 2:40 and I had a good time. See you next time!

Posted by jvgsjeff at 12:01 AM EST
Updated: Saturday, February 23, 2013 1:30 PM EST
Thursday, February 21, 2013
Break me off a piece.

My tiny snowman from Tuesday is now even tinier. Aww, he's mad at me. Isn't that cute?













I made my way around town to water my flowers. I spotted Wendell, the hungry walrus. He wanted food, so I gave him the chocolate heart I got for Valentine's Day. Sorry, Anabelle.













He returned the favor by giving me some chocolate as well. A chocolate pattern, that is.













Give me a break, give me a break. Break me off a piece of that... applesauce? Chrysler car? Football cream?

I decided to swap it out with my blue brick path to see how it looked.













It's candylicious. Not really, but it's alright. I'm going to leave it up for now, but not in the long term. If I have any visitors tomorrow night that don't read this blog, they will surely be surprised.

Posted by jvgsjeff at 9:04 PM EST

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