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Hello, and welcome to my Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Blog! I'm Jeff and here you can follow along with my adventures in the game. Unlike other Animal Crossing games, Happy Home Designer does not run in real-time. So some blog entries will cover multiple game days. If you'd like, you can start from the beginning or just jump right in! At the bottom of the page, you'll be able to find links to all of the entries. Or read my review.

Day 126

I found O'Hare the old hare rabbit out on Main Street today, and he wanted a tropical island inside his house.

Even though he wanted the inside of his house to be the island, I picked a plot of land that resembles an island as well. Technically, it's a peninsula, but it has water all around it.

The new furniture items unlocked for me were a propane stove, a barbecue, a hula doll, and a palm-tree lamp. But several seashells were also unlocked (the conch shell, coral, and sand dollar), as were red hibiscus bushes.

I decided to put O'Hare's house in the middle, with a palm tree on each side. A few seashells decorated the ground. As for his house, I gave it a stone exterior, a yellow straw roof, and a yellow bamboo door.

The outside of O'Hare's house in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer for Nintendo 3DS.
Inside, O'Hare insisted on a beach table, beach chair, and a palm-tree lamp.

I used a tropical vista as the wallpaper, and a sandy-beach floor. When I saw that the hibiscus clock was also unlocked, I put one up. I also used most of the other newly-unlocked items, as well as a life ring, coconut juice, and a surfboard. And naturally, I used beach sounds as the sound scenery.

O'Hare's tropical island home in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer for Nintendo 3DS.
While it may seem a bit cluttered, I wanted to give my customer plenty of activities to keep him entertained. He can sit and relax, take a nap, have a nice cold drink, swim, surf, cook some food, build a sand castle, or even dance with the hula girls!

O'Hare takes a nap in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer for Nintendo 3DS.
O'Hare and three hula girl (dolls) in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer.
O'Hare can invite some friends over, and this place will be hopping!

He really seemed to love the house.

O'Hare: Oh perfect home, oh perfect house, I love you dear, like a silky blouse! So, uh, thanks, amigo!

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