Biskit & Katrina

Today is Halloween, but sadly, Wild World does not celebrate the holiday. So there’s no Jack and no spooky furniture in ACWW. But I did get a surprise in town today: A dog with no eyes!

Biskit: The sun at dusk is so fiery and neat tooking... It's amazing, dawg.Okay, so maybe he has eyes, just no pupils. But despite his creepy peepers, he’s a pretty cool dog and I’m glad to have him in Forest.

Outside of town hall, I spotted a fortune-teller’s tent. That’s right, Katrina was in town for the first time!

Katrina: That is why I was put here, in this land of crossing paths... It is my calling.I asked her to tell my fortune, and she used her cards to predict the future. She told me of a wise snowman that sipped a cup of chowder, knowing that a snowstorm was on the way. As for how that affects me, she said it may mean nothing…or everything. Apparently this is a neutral fortune that doesn’t really change anything.

Katrina: The cards have spoken. It is the WIND symbol, in its natural state.
Nah, I’m pretty sure you just farted.

In Able Sisters, Sable continues to open up to me. She told me a story of how she once tried to make gloves for Mabel, but she didn’t do a good job and she made them much too large. Mabel ended up using them as earmuffs.

Sabel: You didn't wear them on your claws, but on your ears! Remember?

I picked up some more medicine for Static, since he’s still sick today. I’m getting a bit tired of buying all these meds for him, though.

Static flips for medicine.
Take a good sip, ’cause it’s the last time.

Baabara asked me to make a delivery to Yuka tonight. I didn’t want to help either of them out, so I refused Baabara’s request.

Baabara: Say, aren't you friends with Yuka?

I didn’t quite earn enough today to pay off my mortgage, but I’m getting close.

Happy Halloween, everyone! See you all next time!

Disrespectful Ducks

Last night, I headed down to the Roost just before midnight to catch some live music. I asked for a random song, and K.K. Slider performed K.K. Swing for me.

K.K.: All right, get ready to dig the riffs on this ditty: K.K. Swing!After the show, I had a chat with Pate outside. She told me that all the cool kids were in bed already, and she said I need my beauty sleep! As if she can talk, that ugly duckling.

Pate: All the cool kids are asleep by now, huh, quackle? You need your beauty sleep!I also visited Chevre, and she told me she would feed me, except she’s out of milk and fried dough. That sounds healthy… 😛

Chevre: I'd feed you, but I'm out of milk and fried dough. Sorry!Today, I decided to buy this refrigerator. Not to store milk and fried dough, but just because I didn’t have any furniture to use for storage! Once I took it home, I put my acorn and work uniform inside of it.

Tom Nook: Why, yes, that would be a refrigerator. It sells for 1,200 bells.Static was still sick with a cold, so I bought some more medicine for him.

Static flips as he takes some medicine I bought him.For some reason, I made the mistake of talking to Pate again. This time she called me boring. Interestingly, she then wanted to visit my house! If I’m so boring, why would you want to visit me? I said no.

Pate: I'm bored! Talking to you is boring. STOP BORING ME!Yuka told me that’s still looking for chic furniture! It’s been more than two weeks, and she’s still expecting me to help her. 😀 I can’t help but laugh every time she mentions it.

Baabara asked me to make a delivery to Pate, and I refused. Baabara wasn’t pleased.

Baabara: Oh, I guess you're having one of your shy episodes. Oh, well, whatevs.A few of the fossils I’ve dug up recently have been duplicates, so I’ve been able to sell them instead of donating them to the museum. I used the money to make another mortgage payment of 30,000 bells. I only owe 25,000 bells now.

When I ran into Bill, he gave me a new nickname: Beefcake. Uh, I don’t think so. But I didn’t have a chance to decline the nickname after he said what it was.

Bill: OK, then from this moment on, you're beefcake!
No. No. No, no, no.

While fishing, I caught my first rainbow trout. I then donated it to the museum.

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll see you next time. Maybe I can pay off my mortgage soon and expand my house again.

A Pitfall for Baabara

I started up the game tonight and found Alfonso’s goodbye letter in the mail.

Alfonso's goodbye letter.In Able Sisters, Mabel was saying that Sable was asking about me this morning, wondering what time I would stop by. 😛 Since Halloween is almost here, I decided to buy this eye patch they had for sale. I guess I’m a pirate, at least from the neck up.

Mabel: Wow! You are looking really, really good! I mean it! Are you interested?
Sorry, I’m not into hedgehogs.

I visited Static, and he was still sick. He may have been hallucinating. He said that sushi ninjas were after his stash!

Static: The sushi ninjas... They're after my stash...But I finally played early enough that Nook ‘n’ Go was still open. So I was able to buy Static some medicine at last. Get well soon, little guy.

Static flips as he takes his medicine.Crazy Redd was in town, and I bought a quaint painting from him. I took it up to the museum, and surprisingly, it was real! My museum now has two paintings in the gallery.

Quaint painting. Donor: Jeff.Outside, I found a pitfall seed before it found me (for a change).

Check out what I dug up! A pitfall seed!Just seconds later, Baabara walked near me. So I knew what I had to do.

Baabara, in a pitfall: I'm stuck! My behind! Daahling!After enjoying that sight, I did a little fishing. I sold most of my catches, but I donated one of the dabs I caught to the museum. I also donated two fossils I dug up tonight.

Before wrapping up my game for the night, I made a 20,000 bell mortgage payment at town hall. I still owe 55,000 more bells, though. See you next time!