Foggy Day

I started up the game a bit earlier today, so I got to play in the daylight for a change. But I was surprised to find lots of fog around town!

A foggy day in Forest.I went back to check my mail, and I was very disappointed. I got a goodbye letter from Biskit. 🙁 Even though I asked him to stay, he didn’t.

Biskit's goodbye letter in Animal Crossing: Wild World.Anyway, the earlier hour allowed to catch my very first monarch butterfly.

I caught a monarch butterfly! This butterfly can travel!On the beach, I found another note in a bottle!

A note in a bottle washed up on the beach.The note announced the recent wedding of Sean and Shawn. I wonder if one or both of them were Nintendo employees at the time of Wild World’s release in 2005.

Guess who got hitched?! We finally did it! We look forward to our future together and all that it holds! Sean & Shawn 4-ever!I had a chat with Static by the bridge, and he said this place reminds him of a tumbler he had.

Static: Hey! This place always brings up memories of this tumbler I had...He got emotional over it, and then said he wished he could forget it.

Static: Hey... Can I have a second? To be honest, I'd like to forget it all, tsk tsk...
Are you sure it wasn’t a tumblr, not a tumbler?

I went up to the museum to donate my monarch butterfly, and I also had Blathers identify a couple of fossils for me. One of them was a sabertooth torso. When I donated it, Blathers informed me that the sabertooth tiger was now complete!

Blathers: ...Why, this means that the sabertooth tiger is now 100 percent complete!I went into the fossil room to take a look at it. Interestingly, it’s spelled sabretooth in here (unlike what Blathers said above).

The Sabretooth Tiger fossil at the museum in Animal Crossing: Wild World.Back outside, Kiki asked me to take a quiz to see which local celebrity I’m most like. Turns out, I’m a Pelly.

Kiki: Wow! You're Pelly, the lovely lass who works the front desk at the town hall!Over by Nookway, I met up with Static again. He decided to give me a new nickname, J-rock. I actually kind of like that one!

Static: J-rock! How do ya like it? Awesome, right!?Once I was done making my rounds, I went fishing for a while and then started shaking some trees. A bee caught me at one point, but shortly after, I found a spider!

I caught a spider! You're in MY web now!!I donated it to the museum before returning home and wrapping up my day in Forest.

Yay Day

As I started up the game tonight, a message confirmed that today is Yay Day. This is one of the few events exclusive to Animal Crossing: Wild World, and this was my first time participating.

Kiki, who lives near me, was the first villager I met up with. She asked for a compliment and I said “you’re purrfect.” She repeated it back, so I realized I should have written it in first person, not second person.

Kiki: You're purrfect? Is that honestly what you think about me, kitty cat?She didn’t understand what I meant by it, but she appreciated it all the same.

Next, I ran into Bill. What could I say that’s nice about Bill? Hmm… Ultimately, I told him to say “I’m a duck.” That’s the closest thing to a compliment I could tell him without lying. 😉

Bill: I'm a duck... That's your compliment?He said it was a weak compliment, but he accepted it anyway. Not that he had much choice.

I went into Biskit’s house and saw that his belongings are still packed up in boxes. So he hasn’t left yet, but he hasn’t unpacked either. So once again, I told him to stick around. He didn’t appreciate me telling him what to do, and he said he can make his own decisions because he’s a man. Really?

Biskit: No! I can't have this! I'm a man, for goodness' sake!
I thought you were just man’s best friend.

After selling some stuff at Nookway, I bumped into Static. He didn’t seem to be in a “yay” mood, because he called me a freakoid and a raging fathead. For no reason!

Static: Now you're supposed to use a nice word to describe me, you raging fathead!

Just for that, he gets no Yay Day compliment from me. I called him a nut-hungry freak. I normally like the guy, but he’s being a jerk today.

Static: Nut-hungry freak...? Seriously, are you even trying?When Yuka asked for a compliment, I told her she’s a monster. She actually enjoyed hearing that! Apparently she’s so evil that just being called a monster sounds nicer than what she’s used to hearing. 😉

Yuka: I'm a monster, huh... Hm, I think I like it!Outside, I gave Baabara a compliment too. I called her a fluffy demon. It was so nice that it made her blush.

Baabara: Fluffy demon, huh... When you say it to my face, it's kind of embarrassing...When I visited my newest neighbor Puddles, I wasn’t sure what to tell her. But I tried to find something nice to say about her, so I told her at least she’s not Jambette.

Puddles: Whenever I'm down, I'll just keep repeating that... I'm not Jambette!!Chevre was next, and I considered complimenting her for having a nice table. But that’s not personal enough. So I reminded her that at least she doesn’t chew cans.

Chevre: I don't chew cans? Is that honestly what you think about me, it'sa me?After that, I went to town hall to make another 25,000 bell mortgage payment. Then, I returned home for the night.

As for my impressions of my first Yay Day, well, it’s a bit underwhelming. You give compliments to all of your villagers, but that’s all there is to it. It’s really not a big deal. But at least it’s something different I haven’t experienced in the other games, I guess. And that’s the best compliment I can give it.

A Note on the Beach

As I was walking around town tonight, I saw Kiki fall into a pitfall! Despite the shovel in my hands at the time, I didn’t plant it there! Poor Kiki.

Kiki falls into a pitfall.But for better or worse, animals don’t seem to be mad after falling into a pitfall in this game.

When I visited Biskit, I found all his furniture was packed up in boxes. A lot of boxes! I don’t know if I’ve seen a villager have this many boxes before! That’s a lot of dog biscuits!

Biskit, packed up in boxes: Whoa there, Jeff!He was about to move out of town, of course, but I told him not to go. So far, everyone has stayed when I’ve asked them to. Hopefully that trend will continue; I like the guy.

Since it’s Saturday night and my music collection is still very small, I headed to the Roost to enjoy some live music. K.K. played Neapolitan for me.

K.K.: All right, get ready to dig the riffs on this ditty: Neapolitan!Back outside, I saw something I definitely was not expecting: A note in a bottle on the beach!

A note in a bottle washed up on the beach.I got excited for a moment. How was this possible? But I was disappointed to find that it was just an advertisement from Lyle.

This special offer is just for you! Sign up now before it's too late! Don't be fooled by imitations! -Your insurance agent, LyleI visited Baabara, and she told me that Sunday is Yay Day. That’s tomorrow? I guess I’ll have to check it out. Baabara warned me to choose my words carefully.

Baabara: This Sunday is Yay Day, you know, daahling! Choose your words carefully.When I went to see Puddles, she was talking about how lost items should be taken to Booker. But she hinted that she might keep a lost item if it was valuable and no one was around.

Puddles: But I might keep it if nobody was around and it was worth tons of bells...
How can I convince you to never make that face again?

I actually found three fossils in town tonight, which is better than I usually do. I donated one of them to the museum, but the other two were duplicates. The store was closed though, so I couldn’t sell them yet.

After doing a little fishing, I wrapped up my night in Forest. I’ll be back tomorrow as I experience my first Yay Day. Hope to see you then!