Earning the Fashionista Badge

When I spoke with Kiki tonight, she invited me to see the fireworks on New Year’s Eve. I think I’ll do just that. 🙂

Kiki: You should come watch the fireworks on New Year's Eve, kitty cat!I also had a little chat with Bill. Kiki and Bill both live near me, so I usually see them before I see other villagers. But not only did Bill call me a dumbbell again, but he also got mad at the way I answered his pop quiz about how ripe of a banana he is.

Bill: H-hey! I'm not rotten! And I'm sure not mushy! I'm all banana, baby!So I took the rotten, mushy banana peel known as Bill and buried that trash in the ground.

Bill: WHAT'S GOING ON?! THE RAGE! IT'S TAKING ME!! Yaargh, hunt me!!
Looks like you slipped up, Mr. Bananagrabber.

Well, I found the money rock that I never tracked down last time. And I know why I had trouble finding it: It’s hidden behind a tree. In fact, I only got a couple of money bags from it this time because I didn’t realize money came out after the first hit. So I went into Nookway, bought an axe, and then cut that tree down. Timber!

Using an axe to cut down a tree in Animal Crossing: Wild World.
I won’t have any trouble finding this rock next time.

Gracie was parked outside of town hall. She gave me a quiz to see if I could earn her Fashionista Badge, and I apparently did quite well this time. I even got a drumroll out of her.

Gracie: Darling, can I get a drumroll up in here? Ta-DAH!!!She handed me a certificate which called me a true fashionista! Did I really just ace her quiz on only my 2nd try?

Dear fabulous Jeff, You are beyond fabulous! Gracie has GOT to pay her respects to the only true fashionista! -GracieEven though the paper is called a certificate, Gracie refers to it as the Fashionista Badge. I was expecting the fashionista badge to be a physical badge, but I’ll certainly accept the award regardless.

Gracie: Maybe it's 'cause of that Fashionista Badge of yours!In case this helps anyone trying to complete Gracie’s fashion pop quiz, I’ll post each of her questions along with my answers (in bold print). Of course I was just trying to say what I thought she wanted to hear, but that strategy worked!

  • People who won’t settle for anything but designer labels… Have standards.
  • Honey, I just heard someone say, “That kid is the new hotness!” What do you think of that? Me?
  • You hit up a hot sale. You only have time to run for one area. Where do you go? Shoes.
  • When is it appropriate to sport legwarmers? Never!
  • What’s your greatest asset? Long legs!

Afterwards, she offered to sell me an outfit. I got to choose how much to pay, and I went with 2,250 bells. She gave me a grape shirt and some funky glasses. I kept the shirt on, but ditched the glasses.

In the museum, Blathers had more new dialogue for me. He told me he plans to take Celeste camping once the summer comes. He feels bad for all the scenes he’s created by getting scared over insects. Hopefully the camping trip will go well.

Blathers: I'd very much like to take Celeste camping in the summertime, you see...I found Chevre packed up and planning on moving out of town once again. I kept speaking to her until she told me she would consider sticking around.

That’s all for now, but I’ll be back late on Saturday night (technically Sunday morning) with my blog entry for New Year’s Eve. Hope to see you then!

Update: Here is a video showing me earning the fashionista badge from Gracie.

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