New Year’s Eve

I started up the game at 11:45 tonight, and a message informed me that the New Year’s Eve countdown had begun!

Hey, everybody! The year-end countdown has officially begun!

As I walked around, I was surprised to see lights on some cedar trees. Normally, I would call them Christmas lights. But I’ve been playing the game twice a week throughout December, almost always at night (and including Christmas Eve), and I have not seen these lights until now. Perhaps they’re just New Year’s Eve trees. 😛

Lights on trees on New Year's Eve.With Wild World, Nintendo seemed to go out of their way to remove any celebrations that could be seen as religious holidays. So the New Year’s Eve countdown is the only real western holiday that survived. Fortunately, the regular holidays returned in City Folk and New Leaf.

Anyway, I went around to talk to my villagers. Many of them mentioned the upcoming new year. Kiki said she was starting to feel nervous, while Pudge was looking forward to his first dream of 2017. He believes that the first dream of the year always comes true.

Pudge: Huh huh huh! I can't wait to have my first dream of the new year, pudgy.Baabara told me her new year’s resolution is to focus on herself more in the new year. That’s such a Baabara thing to say.

Baabara: I resolve to focus less on others and more on what really matters. ME!But surprisingly, she then got a bit philosophical on me. She wondered what will happen to 2016. In other words, where does the time…go?

Baabara: You ever thought about... what happens to time after it's gone? Where did it go?I headed over to town hall, where Tortimer told me not to panic. He gave me a party popper for the countdown.

Tortimer: Party poppers! How 'bout it, sprout? It's not a party without party poppers!I had five minutes to spare, so I went over the museum. Blathers told me that he has given up on his attempt to overcome his fear of bugs. Since he was making no progress, Celeste had a chat with him and told him that it’s okay if he’s afraid of bugs. Everybody has imperfections and that’s alright.

Blathers: "You detest bugs, Brother! And that is what makes you you! Got it?"I guess that probably wraps up that storyline; I enjoyed it while it lasted. Anyway, he identified the fossils I had dug up, and he accepted all three as donations to the museum.

I then went back to town hall and watched the final countdown. I fired off my party popper as the clock reached zero. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I fire off a party popper as the year-end countdown reaches zero. Happy New Year!Fireworks began going off in the sky above.

Fireworks go off to celebrate the New Year 2017 in Animal Crossing: Wild World.Since fireworks shows are one of the rare occasions where the top screen was significant, I played around with the Wii U Virtual Console screen display settings to get a better look.

Chevre, as displayed on Nintendo DS on New Year's Eve: So, this is what the year 2017 looks like, is it?Before wrapping up my night, I made a 20,000 bell mortgage payment inside of town hall. I then headed for home.

Here is a video of the night’s events. Happy New Year, everyone! Have a great 2017! 🙂

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