Adding a Floor

My house has now been expanded to add another floor. It’s hard to get a good picture of my house from the center, since part of it would be off-screen and you can’t press up to look up in Wild World. So I walked to the side to get a decent look at it.

My newly expanded house after the 2nd floor was added on.The upstairs room is 6 spaces by 6 six spaces. I don’t even know what I’m going to do with the extra space, but it’s good to have it.

My new upstairs room.I found Pudge’s goodbye letter in my mailbox. So long, little guy.

Hey there, Jeff, I'm moving away, but I'll always have my memories of Forest... They won't leave my head!! Remember me! -PudgeAs I dug holes around a rock to check for the daily money rock, I noticed a snowball rolling towards me. Then I realized I hadn’t caught a dung beetle yet…so this was my chance! I got my net out and gave it a swing…success!

I caught a dung beetle! Shouldn't you be rolling something else?Static was outside today, and he started laughing when I spoke to him. I asked what was so funny, and he said he saw Baabara fall over! 😀

Static: Heh heh heh heh heh... I'll never forget the sight of Baabara falling over!In Nookway, Tom Nook asked how I was enjoying my new three-story house (he’s counting the attic too).

Tom Nook: Construction is finished! How do you like your new three-story house, hm?He then delivered the bad news: I now owe him 598,000 bells. That’s going to take me a while to pay off.

I then went to the museum and donated my dung beetle. As you might imagine, he was not exactly overjoyed to receive it.

Blathers: Absolute rubbish. It is a dirty habit. Dung is dirty. There is no refuting it!While I was there, I also donated a tricera torso (which completed the triceratops), and I caught some live music down in the Roost. K.K. Tango was tonight’s random song.

I found a dig spot up by the gate, and it turned out to be a pitfall seed. Since I saw Baabara walking in the area, I quickly re-buried it. It didn’t take long for her to walk right into it.

Animated GIF showing Baabara falling into a pitfall.
Static would’ve loved to see this.

Speaking of Baabara, she must have started taking up gardening like Chevre. Because her house now has flowers all around it.

Flowers planted all around Baabara's house.I made my way over to town hall, and I found a billiard table in the recycle bin. I think this was the first time I’ve actually found an item in there! Anyway, I paid 25,000 bells towards my new mortgage before heading home for the night.

Pudge Packed

Baabara asked me to make a delivery to Rod tonight, and I agreed to help (for Rod’s sake, not Baabara’s). When I took him the gift, he was already holding a net in one hand. So how did he open the package? He seemed to shatter it using mind control!

GIF of Rod opening a package from Baabara.

Yikes, I better not mess with this guy! I don’t want him shattering my package!

The gift was a scale armor suit, and Rod put it on right away. On my way back to Baabara, Static also asked me for a favor. He wanted me to deliver a letter to Kiki. Don’t these animals know that the post office is open 24 hours a day?

Anyway, Baabara thanked me for the help by giving me an apple clock. I then went to Kiki’s house and gave her the letter from Static. Surprisingly, she actually showed me the letter!

What's up, Kiki? Ugh. this day is stupid. I wish I was still in bed. Rockabilly would be cool for the town tune! -Laters! StaticStatic gave me an exquisite rug to thank me for making the delivery.

When I entered Pudge’s house, I saw that he had all his furniture packed up in boxes. He’s moving out of town, and I did not try to stop him.

Pudge: I know this is sudden, but I've decided to move away. Don't try to stop me.Chevre and Puddles were both talking about the Happy Room Academy, and they were both upset that they’re not getting good home scores.

Puddles: AAAAAAAA! Why can't they see how totally awesome I am, splish?!I finally paid off the last 13,000 bells on my mortgage, and I celebrated outside of town hall.

ALL RIGHT!Tom Nook was shocked that I paid off the loan, but he was ready to expand my house again. He said I could add another floor now, and I had a choice between “Take me higher!” and “I hate heights!” I assume the latter option adds a basement instead, but I chose to go up. (Update: My mistake. There is no basement in Wild World).

Tom Nook: And built up! Let's add another floor! Of course, there would be a small fee.It will be finished tomorrow, although I won’t see it until I play again on Saturday. I’ll be back with more then. 🙂

Rod Moves In

Wishy the shooting star (who I wished upon last time) sent me a letter in the mail today. But Wishy referred to me as “Earthbound Jeff.” I’m pretty sure Earthbound Jeff is a different character altogether. 😉

Earthbound Jeff, I heard a special someone make a wish one night... It's my job to make that wish come true. -From Wishy the StarI found a jukebox attached to the letter; that’s not what I wished for! 😛

I also received a letter from the Snowman (he sent me a snowman wall) and, more surprisingly, a letter from Tom Nook. It said I’ve earned 300 points, so I am now a member. But I don’t want to be Nook’s member! A model of Nook’s Cranny was enclosed. Here’s a look at my new items:

My jukebox from Wishy, my Nook's Cranny from Tom Nook, and the snowman wall from the snowman.Outside, Kiki approached me with an unusual request: She wanted a cockroach!

Kiki: It's a lot harder to find a cockroach than I'd thought.She’s starting to think she’ll never find one…just like a boyfriend.

Kiki: Sort of like a boyfriend...

There was a new house in town, so I went in to meet my new villager. Inside, I found Rod the mouse. I’ve had him in ACCF before, so I’m quite familiar with him.

Rod: Hey, pleased to meetcha! I'm Rod!I visited Yuka, and she was making all sorts of noises. How disgusting.

Yuka: KAAAAAK! HRACK! HRAAAAAACK! I can't believe I'm making these sounds!
Cover your mouth please, before you get someone sick.

I found two fossils tonight, and one of them was new to the museum. In fact, it completed the seismosaur.

The complete seismosaur fossil at the museum.While at the museum, I went downstairs to check out some live music in the Roost. I caught a free performance of Comrade K.K.

Several of my villagers reminded me that Yay Day is tomorrow, but I probably won’t participate this time. Yay Day wasn’t all that exciting to me.

Even though I started up the game before the shop closed today, I got distracted by a basketball game on TV. 😛 So I didn’t earn enough money to pay off my mortgage this time. But I’ll definitely be able to do it next time, just with the bells I earn from the money rock. Have a good day, and I’ll see you all next time. 🙂