Wishing on a Shooting Star

I found today’s snowballs pretty close to each other, so I decided I should make a snowman. But as I was rolling the snowballs to build them up, I spotted a shooting star up in the sky. There’s a meteor shower tonight!

Animated GIF of a shooting star crossing the moon in Animal Crossing: Wild World.

So I wished upon the star. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen a shooting star in Wild World, but it is the first time I’ve successfully made a wish.

Wishing on a shooting star in Animal Crossing: Wild World.

I then continued rolling the snowballs to build the snowman. He was perfect, so he’ll be sending me a gift in the mail. But was he unhappy about one thing: He couldn’t see a snowlady anywhere around. Sorry, but you’re all alone here. *cold chill*

Snowman: Y'know, I'm a good-looking snowman, but there's not a snowlady in sight...I found a note in a bottle down on the beach, and it was a description of what Heather Smith did on her summer vacation. Of course, this game doesn’t have any online connectivity, so this had to have been put into the game by Nintendo. Is it based on a real person (perhaps a relative of a Nintendo employee) or is it completely bogus? We may never know.

My Summer Vacation: This summer I planted lots of peaches and went fishing a lot. I caught two fish. It was fun. -Heather Smith, Grade 3Gracie was standing near her car outside of town hall tonight, and I had a quick chat with her. She was asking if I came to try for a fashionista badge, but I said no. I’ve already earned mine, so I didn’t bother sticking my neck out to try again.

Gracie: Honey, i know you're here to get your Fashionista Badge! (Me: Buh-bye now.)

Static asked me for a new catchphrase to replace “tsk tsk” (which he got from Yuka–what a bad influence she is). So I told him to say “unlike you.” It’s a phrase I’ve used before in other Animal Crossing games, and it can result in some funny sentences.

Static: Sounds kinda tough, right? SPEED-WALKING! Serious stuff, unlike you.Pudge asked me for a fossil, so I gave him one that Blathers just identified for me. Pudge was standing behind Gracie near town hall, and he was impressed with the mammoth skull.

Pudge, standing behind Gracie: Whoa! Neat! Look at that mammoth skull! Pudgy!
Yeah, Gracie’s head is pretty big.

He only gave me a floral wall in return, which is a pretty disappointing trade for a large fossil.

I then went inside of town hall to make a mortgage payment. I was able to pay 30,000 bells this time, and I only owe 13,000 more! Hopefully I’ll be able to pay that off on Saturday (if I remember to play before Nook’s store closes, at least). I hope to see you then!

Kiki’s Song

I’m happy to report that Bill followed through with his plans, and he is no longer a resident of Forest. I got his goodbye letter in the mail today.

Bill's goodbye letter in Animal Crossing: Wild World.Today was La-Di-Day once again, and several of my villagers offered to sing songs for me. It’s my job to pick one (if I like it enough) to become the new town tune. While I didn’t talk to Static enough times to hear him sing, he did comment on how he likes music as much as he likes a good insult.

Static: My love for music ranks right up there with my love for a good insult.Yuka was sick with a cold, so I…did nothing. Well, that’s not completely true. I laughed at her, so that’s something. 😛

Yuka: So very cold... Can't stop shivering... Lipstick all over face...Since it’s Saturday night, I went down to the Roost to hear some real music. K.K. performed K.K. Love Song for me, which is one of my favorites.

K.K.: All right, get ready to dig the riffs on this ditty: K.K. Love Song!Back outside, the search for a new town tune wasn’t going so well. I didn’t care for any of the songs I had heard…at least until I heard Puddles. She really put her heart into her song and croaked out a winner. Even if she did have a frog in her throat.

Puddles: Believe it or not, I used to sing on the street for cupcakes.But when I heard Kiki’s song, I liked it even better. So I told her she was hired…but oddly enough, she reacted as if I had told her no!

Kiki: Are you serious? Oh man, that's no good, kitty cat!She even started crying! Kiki, this is all a big misunderstanding…

Kiki: It's because I warbled, isn't it? I can't help it if I'm a warbler!I even went back and double-checked my footage to make sure I told her yes, and I did. Yet she was clearly upset; those were not tears of joy. Oh well. Sorry, Kiki.

All three of the fossils I found today got returned to me, but they only earned me about 5,000 bells in total. So I didn’t make a mortgage payment this time.

Anyway, I returned home to put K.K. Love Song in my stereo, and then I saved and ended my game for the night. Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll see you next time!

Bye Bye Bill

The snowman I built last time send me a letter in the mail, along with a snowman carpet. I put it in my house today.

The snowman carpet on display in my house.Wendell the starving artist walrus was in town today, looking for food. I caught a yellow perch for him, and he was glad to have something in his stomach.

Wendell: I...MUST EAT IT! YUMMY!In return, he gave me the four-way pattern, which is the intersection of the street paths.

The four-way pattern (street intersection) design that I got from Wendell.Baabara was telling me how she almost became a pop star when she was younger. She said she could sing and dance, but there was one thing she lacked. I then had the option to guess what she was lacking…

Baabara chat dialogue options: Good looks? Cash? What was it?I guessed that good looks were the thing she didn’t have, and naturally, she turned into an angry blue fluffball of rage.

Baabar: ...Good looks?! What makes you say that?! I've always been a vision of loveliness!When I visited Puddles, she was complaining that every day of her life is more boring than the last. She also asked me for red furniture (as she has been for a while), but Nook’s shop didn’t have any today.

Puddles: Y'know, every day of my life is more boring than the last one, splish.I went to say hello to Static, and he was relieved to see it was me and not Bill who came through his door. I guess I’m not the only one who doesn’t like Bill.

Static: Huh? Oh, J-rock, it's you. I thought it was Bill. What a relief.Chevre asked me to make a delivery to Baabara, and I agreed to help. But only because Baabara was literally standing right there.

Animated GIF showing Chevre asking me to deliver a letter to Baabara, who is right next to her.I dug up three fossils today, and two of them were returned to me. But the other was an apato torso, and it completed the apatosaur!

Blathers: The apatosaur was once called a brontosaur, I'll have you know.The complete apatosaur on display in the museum in Animal Crossing: Wild World.

I made a 25,000 bell payment on my mortgage at town hall, and now I only owe 43,000 more.

On my way back home, I realized I hadn’t seen Bill outside today. So I went inside his house and saw that he was all packed up and ready to move out of town! I did not try to stop him. Fly far, far away, please.

Bill: I hate good-byes! I wish I could crush them between my pecs, Dr. J!That’s all for now. See you Saturday!