New Year’s Day Fortune

I started up the game today to see if there was anything special for New Year’s Day. And indeed, I spotted Tortimer outside of town hall. I spoke to him, and he told me he had a New Year’s fortune for me! I didn’t see that coming!

Tortimer: Happy New Year, Jeff! I prepared a New Year's fortune for you!The fortune said I was kinda lucky…and then it said luck favors the foolish.

Your fortune: Kinda Lucky. Dreams: Yes... I think. Love: It should work. Health: You're OK. Luck favors the foolish.
Are you saying I’m kinda foolish?

Uh, thanks Tortimer. I spoke with him again and he said he hopes it will be a good year for him. But then he wondered how it could be anything else.

Tortimer: Well, I'm hoping this will be a good year for me... But really, how could it not be?
Um, I can think of one way…

When I checked my mail, I found New Year’s greetings from Mom and Static. Mom sent me 10,000 bells, but Static just hoped I got the letter in time.

It's a day, Jeff. Hopefully this reaches you on Jan. 1st. If not, well... them's the breaks. Happy New Year. Have fun. -StaticWhen I visited Kiki, I found her all packed up in boxes and ready to move out of town. But I think I talked her out of moving.

Kiki: Jeff, if you want me here so badly, I'll think about it. But no promises!I ran into Yuka outside, and she asked if I knew any greetings that would help her win the heart of someone she liked. I told her to say “I have rabies.”

Yuka: I have rabies, huh? Are you sure about that?Puddles offered to sell me a tuxedo for 510 bells, and I took her up on the offer. I was already tired of the grape shirt, and seeing other people with nicer clothes made me a bit jelly.

Puddles: My tuxedo! I'm gonna totally miss my tuxedo...After putting it on, I walked around a bit more and then returned home for the night. I’ll see you next time. Happy new year!