Chevre’s Front Yard

When I started the game up tonight, I saw that Kiki was still around. So fortunately, she did not move out of town.

Most of the time, I’m too lazy to build a snowman. It takes time to build one snowball up until it’s big enough to push, and then you have to push it to wherever the other ball is (before building it up as well). But when I find both of them pretty close to each other, I figure I have no excuse not to give it a try. That’s what happened tonight, and I put this guy together.

Snowman: All flawlessly executed! And my face... Perfection!I’m glad he had such a high opinion of himself, because I’m not sure I agreed with him.

It’s not unusual for Baabara to be rude or bossy. But her request today was oddly specific: She wanted me to form a band and play bluegrass music for her to dance to.

Baabara: You should form a band and play bluegrass for me to dance to.With it being Saturday night, I made sure to go down to the Roost to check out some live music from the local singing dog. I asked for a random song and I got to hear a performance of K.K. Jazz. It was putting me to sleep.

K.K. performs some jazz music for me in the Roost.After a visit with Chevre, I came out of her house and noticed something: The flowers were arranged perfectly around her house! Did she do this to make her front yard look nice? Or is it a very big coincidence? I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this in an Animal Crossing game.

A perfect arrangement of flowers in Chevre's front yard.Over at town hall, I made a 35,000 bell mortgage payment. I only owe 68,000 more bells, so I’m getting close to that next house expansion.

On my way home, Pudge pinged me to ask me a question. He said “La la la,” and then asked me what song that was.

Pudge, asking me what he just sang: 1. Our town tune. 2. I love green tea! 3. Can I hear it again?I didn’t really notice any song, so I chose option three (for him to repeat it). He used an emotion that displayed a music note, and he again repeated “La la la,” along with his catchphrase “pudgy” this time. But he didn’t actually sing anything.

Pudge: La la la! Pudgy!I was still confused, so I just took a wild guess and picked the second option, “I love green tea!” He told me that was the correct answer, and he gave me a prize: a blue chair.

After that, I headed home for the night and ended my game. Thanks for stopping by!

7 thoughts on “Chevre’s Front Yard”

  1. Each animal in ACWW has a hobby if I recal. Some are fishing, some are bug hunting, and some are gardening. For gardening, they place flowers outside their house and water them like you have found. For the Flower Fest coming up in the spring, everyone will do that including you! The best garden wins the trophy! If they fish, they will ask you for all sorts of fish, starting with common going to the most rare. They will fill their house up and once you complete all of the tasks, they are more likely to move out.

    But first, be on the lookout for the Bright Nights event, for one week coming up sometime soon.

  2. I thought the flowers were only for the flower fest in April, but maybe the villagers do that all year round? Whichever, I do remember it happening when I played the game 😛

  3. Did anyone say anything about an upcoming Flower Festival? I haven’t played WW in forever but I remember such an event existing, though I’m pretty sure it doesn’t happen until springtime. Thought that might explain Ms Chevre’s lawn.

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