Rod Moves In

Wishy the shooting star (who I wished upon last time) sent me a letter in the mail today. But Wishy referred to me as “Earthbound Jeff.” I’m pretty sure Earthbound Jeff is a different character altogether. 😉

Earthbound Jeff, I heard a special someone make a wish one night... It's my job to make that wish come true. -From Wishy the StarI found a jukebox attached to the letter; that’s not what I wished for! 😛

I also received a letter from the Snowman (he sent me a snowman wall) and, more surprisingly, a letter from Tom Nook. It said I’ve earned 300 points, so I am now a member. But I don’t want to be Nook’s member! A model of Nook’s Cranny was enclosed. Here’s a look at my new items:

My jukebox from Wishy, my Nook's Cranny from Tom Nook, and the snowman wall from the snowman.Outside, Kiki approached me with an unusual request: She wanted a cockroach!

Kiki: It's a lot harder to find a cockroach than I'd thought.She’s starting to think she’ll never find one…just like a boyfriend.

Kiki: Sort of like a boyfriend...

There was a new house in town, so I went in to meet my new villager. Inside, I found Rod the mouse. I’ve had him in ACCF before, so I’m quite familiar with him.

Rod: Hey, pleased to meetcha! I'm Rod!I visited Yuka, and she was making all sorts of noises. How disgusting.

Yuka: KAAAAAK! HRACK! HRAAAAAACK! I can't believe I'm making these sounds!
Cover your mouth please, before you get someone sick.

I found two fossils tonight, and one of them was new to the museum. In fact, it completed the seismosaur.

The complete seismosaur fossil at the museum.While at the museum, I went downstairs to check out some live music in the Roost. I caught a free performance of Comrade K.K.

Several of my villagers reminded me that Yay Day is tomorrow, but I probably won’t participate this time. Yay Day wasn’t all that exciting to me.

Even though I started up the game before the shop closed today, I got distracted by a basketball game on TV. 😛 So I didn’t earn enough money to pay off my mortgage this time. But I’ll definitely be able to do it next time, just with the bells I earn from the money rock. Have a good day, and I’ll see you all next time. 🙂