Chilly Tortimer

The Bright Nights are still underway, with villagers’ houses (and some cedar trees) still decorated with lights. Static told me that his lights look totally professional.

Static: My lights are totally professional, unlike you!As far as I could tell, the lights on the houses were the same as last time. So I went ahead and told Tortimer that I preferred Rod’s house lights. He said he would let Rod know.

Tortimer: Nice lights, I'll say... Just a little compliment from a gracious mayor... Heh heh!I found three fossils buried around town, and the museum needed two of them. In fact, they both completed a dinosaur on exhibit! The stego tail completed the stegosaurus, and the ptera left wing completed the pteradon. Here’s a look at the pteradon.

A completed pteradon in the museum of Animal Crossing: Wild World.I visited Puddles the frog, and she was all packed up and ready to move out of town. I tried to change her mind, and I think I did, but I’m not 100% sure. She was worrying about a cancel penalty. Oh, is there such a thing? If only I was the mayor, I could cancel the cancel penalty. 😛

Puddles: What am I supposed to do about the cancel penalty, splish?When I visited Chevre, she offered me a spare mummy shirt she had. Do I have to unwrap it? I accepted, and put it on.

Me wearing the mummy shirt as Chevre looks on.
Who’s your mummy?

I went to the Roost to check out some live music. But I accidentally said that I wanted to request a song, and I couldn’t back out of it. I requested “Two Days Ago,” and K.K. gave me the aircheck when he was finished. Unfortunately, that’s a song I had already received. Oops.

Back over by town hall, Tortimer was shivering in the cold night air. He said that one shell isn’t enough to keep his body warm. He would prefer to also have one in front, and two on his feet.

Tortimer: You know, sprout, one shell is hardly enough to keep a body warm.I wrapped up my night by shaking some trees and doing some fishing. I didn’t catch anything new, though. See you next time!

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