Catching Spring Bugs

I found Moe with his furniture all packed up in boxes today. He’s getting ready to move out of town, and I didn’t try to stop him. He’s a nice guy, but those eyes…

Moe: OK! You take care of yourself, J-rock. Got that, myawn?

The bulletin board’s message of the week was a short one. It just said “Postcards aren’t cards. Weird.” I’m not sure I agree. They are cards, but maybe it means they aren’t greeting cards? Not sure.

*Message of the Week* Postcards aren't cards. Weird.When I visited Puddles, she told me she was eating a veggie chili dog and spilled mustard all over her dress! She asked me to get her some new clothes to wear.

Puddles: ...Waaah!! Omigosh, this dress has a H-HUGE mustard st-stain, la baa!So I went to Nookington’s to find some clothes for her. And once I got upstairs, I remembered that Nookington’s doesn’t sell clothes in Wild World. 😀 So I went back down and over to Able Sisters next door. 😛 I bought a nurse’s uniform, and then took it over to Puddles.

She changed into it, and then she thanked me by giving me some yellow glasses. She also hinted that she might ask me for something later too.

Puddles: I m-i-i-i-ght ask you for somethin' else later, la baa!
Yes, nurse.

Many new bugs are out and about now that March is here, and I caught a bunch of them today. That included the common butterfly, yellow butterfly, tiger butterfly, and honeybee.

I caught a common butt(erfly).I also did a little fishing, but I didn’t catch any new fish. I did catch a tin can, however. 😛 I put it outside of my house and later caught a fly that was drawn to the garbage. And if that wasn’t enough, I also caught a cockroach that was on a tree!

Oh, gross!!! Cockroach!The fly and cockroach aren’t new for springtime, but I guess I was just on a roll when it came to catching bugs today. I took my six new catches and donated them to the museum.

Of course Blathers never reacts well to insect donations, as he really hates bugs. But my favorite part was what he said about the honeybee. He said the bee’s stinger is connected to its internal organs, so when it uses its stinger, the organs get pulled out too.

Blathers: When it uses its stinger... the organs get pulled out. What an abhorrent image!He then apologized for being so graphic. It hurts you more than it hurt me, Blathers.

Blathers: I'm terribly sorry, but nature is not always family friendly!

Back outside, Kiki showed me a strange letter she got from a “concerned neighbor.”

Listen up, Kiki! Weeding is very tiring, especially when you don't have hands! So weed your own plot, you lazy bum. -A concerned neighbor
Maybe that’s why animals don’t pull weeds. They don’t have hands!

Before wrapping up my day in Forest, I made a 25,000 bell mortgage payment at town hall. See you all next time, and good luck with your bug hunting. 🙂

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