Moe Stole

I got Moe’s goodbye letter in the mail today. It contained a surprising confession: He told me took a tile from the town hall plaza! Wow! You’re lucky I’m not the mayor. 😛

Oh, by the way, Jeff, Oh, hey! When I moved out of Forest, I took a tile from the plaza... Was Tortimer mad? I'm nervous! -Moe
I guess this makes Moe a cat burglar.

Today was La-Di-Day once again, and Puddles was telling me how it’s so hard being a chart-topping pop star. I think she’s been drinking a little too much swamp water.

Puddles: Sometimes it's hard being a chart-topping pop star, you know.Rod sang a tune for me, and it sounded familiar. I think I’ve had it before, in one Animal Crossing game or another. I hired him, so his song became the new town tune.

Rod: Rock time, J-rock! You ready to listen to my sweet muscle song?Outside, Static told me his song was a manly country ballad…unlike me. He didn’t actually sing it for me, but that was fine by me.

Static: Make sure you hear my song. It's a manly country ballad, unlike you!

La-Di-Day is actually a bit boring now. The novelty has worn off by now, and I’d rather not have the animals all talking about the same thing. This really doesn’t need to be an event that repeats every two months. Once or twice a year would’ve been plenty.

As I was looking for today’s money rock, I saw Baabara fall into a pitfall up near the museum. That’s always a nice sight to behold. 😀

Baabara struggles in a pitfall near the museum.Down in the Roost, I checked out a live musical performance of King K.K.

K.K.: All right, get ready to dig the riffs on this ditty: King K.K.!I only found one fossil today, which has been the norm for me lately. The others must be well hidden behind something, or right along the grass/dirt lines where they often blend in.

I then wrapped up my night in Forest. Enjoy your La-Di-Day!

3 thoughts on “Moe Stole”

  1. Not gonna lie; the repetitiveness of most of the made up holidays in “Wild World” is one reason I stopped playing it even though at the time “City Folk” hadn’t even been announced.

  2. Moe! 😛 Luckily there isn’t a police station in Wild Forest.

    Baabara falling into a pitfall is a pretty sight too.

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