Big Top the Romantic

I found a new house in town tonight, and I was surprised to find out who was inside: Big Top the superhero elephant! I like Big Top a lot, and as some of you already know, I also have him in my New Leaf town. But here, he says everyone calls him Big Top the Romantic. That “everyone” will not include me. 😛

Big Top: Huh huh huh! That's why everyone calls me "Big Top the Romantic."Kiki was sick with a cold, so I bought some medicine for her.

Kiki: I feel better! I... I can feel my toes again!Rod has been asking me for a cockroach for weeks. But the first one I caught (last week) got donated to the museum. So when I finally saw another one on a tree tonight, I knew I had to catch it for Rod.

Rod: What?! You caught one already? That's insane!He was quite happy with it, and he rewarded me by giving me 510 bells.

K.K. Slider was in town, and I attended his show to hear some live music. He performed K.K. Parade for me.

K.K.: I hooked you up with a boot of K.K. Parade.

But K.K. wasn’t the only animal in town that wants a singing career: Puddles told me she wants to put on some live shows too.

Puddles: Y'know, I'm trying to give my singing career a boost with a few live shows.I only found one fossil again today; I took it to the museum and Blathers returned it to me. Then at town hall, I made a 20,000 bell mortgage payment before returning home for the night.

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  1. You know what, I’ll probably call Big Top ‘Big Top the Romantic’ 😜

    And is it just me or do you keep on getting 510 bells as a reward in Wild World?

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