Blathers’ Wee Break

Flower Fest is still underway, with tomorrow being the last day. Poor Tortimer was getting tired from standing outside all day.

Tortimer: Oh, Jeff... I'm so tired. My feet ache from standing here all day.When I spoke to Rod, he informed me that shamrocks don’t count as flowers. Actually, he responded as if I was the one that told him the news.

Rod: What?! Shamrocks don't count?!In the museum, Blathers had some new dialogue for me. He said that keeping the museum open 24 hours a day is a ferocious work schedule, and of course he’s right about that. But he said that when the museum is empty, he sneaks downstairs for some coffee and a wee break.

Blathers: I go downstairs for a cup of coffee and a wee break, hoo! Oh, such naughtiness!
So you wee in the Roost?

After Blathers identified two fossils I dug up, I went downstairs too. But not for a wee break, but to hear K.K. perform. He played K.K. Dirge for me.

K.K.: All right, get ready to dig the riffs on this ditty: K.K. Dirge!Next, I visited Puddles, and she said she bought a gift for me! But when she went to hand it to me, she couldn’t find it. She left it at the store! Sounds like she never really bought it for me in the first place.

Puddles: Shooot! I must've left it at the store! Dang!After finishing my rounds, I made a 20,000 bell mortgage payment at town hall and then returned home for the night.

Tomorrow is the last day of the Flower Fest, so I imagine I’ll find out the results the next time I play. See you soon!

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  1. You know, Tortimer, I would be tired too standing there all day. Not to mention very hungry.


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