Do I Look Like a Mouse?

Static was prepared to move out of town tonight; he had all his furniture packed up in boxes. Fortunately, I was able to get him to reconsider…

Static: What? Really? Well, maybe I'll reconsider...

But he said he’ll be expecting some strong displays of affection!

Static: But I'll expect some strong display of affection!
Well now you’re pushing your luck.

Yuka told me that she could have been a huge pop star, except for the fact that she didn’t have jazz thumbs.

Yuka: Specifically, I lacked jazz thumbs, which, as it turns out, play a huge role.I made my way down to the Roost, and K.K. lei’d some smooth Hawaiian sounds on me.

K.K.: All right, get ready to dig the riffs on this ditty: Aloha K.K.!When I visited Kiki, she told me she was thinking about buying some life insurance…just in case something happens. Oh no, Kiki, don’t say that!

Kiki: I was thinking I'd get some for myself, you know, just in case something happens.
You have nine lives, Kiki!

When I bumped into Puddles tonight, she said that for a moment, she thought I was Rod! Do I look like a mouse to you? I’m insulted.

Puddles: For just a moment, there, I thought you were actually Rod, yowza!After a quick visit to Big Top’s house, I returned home to put my new song into my stereo. See you next time.

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