First Pascal Sighting

Soon after starting up my game tonight, I spotted Pascal! This is my first time seeing him in Wild World.

Pascal standing by the ocean in Animal Crossing: Wild World.Unlike in City Folk, he wasn’t standing on a bridge over the river. Instead, he was standing near the ocean, at the mouth of the river. I checked the beach for scallops, just in case he needed one like he does in ACCF, but there were none to be found.

I returned to him, or so I thought, but he wasn’t there. Instead, I found him on the other side of the river now! I talked to him, and he gave me his words of wisdom.

Pascal: Enough with the jellyfish, maaannn. Where are all the peanut butter fish?
Would they be creamy fish or crunchy?

He handed me a furniture item, so apparently he doesn’t need scallops in Wild World. He then back-flipped into the ocean.

Animated GIF showing Pascal diving into the ocean in Animal Crossing: Wild World (ACWW).The item he gave me was a helm. This is what it looks like, if you haven’t seen it before.

The helm furniture item from Pascal.

Baabara asked me to deliver a letter to Rod, and without thinking about it, I agreed to help out. Oh well, I guess I can be nice to Baabara at least once. So I took Rod the letter, and he didn’t even show me what it said. When I returned to Baabara, she rewarded me with 510 bells.

Baabara: Maybe you'd like my 510 bells!Over by town hall, my other enemy Yuka had a new nickname for me: She said she’s going to call me gorgeous! Are you kidding? You can’t call me that! Ugh!

Yuka: Well, in that case, gorgeous it is! Have a wonderful day, gorgeous.I shook some trees around town, finding some money bags and furniture. I caught a bee and a spider, though I also got stung by other bees a couple of times.

After making my rounds, I paid 25,000 bells towards my mortgage at town hall. My debt is down to 178,000 bells now, but that’s still quite a ways to go. See you next time!

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  1. Baabara seemed so rude when she gave you 510 bells (which is the new theme in Wild Forest) it looked as if Baabara had just used the Anger emote.

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