Caladium & Calcium

The flea market was held today, and I’m not a big fan. It means most of the villagers will be talking about buying or selling, which limits the topics of discussion. I visited Yuka, and she refused to sell me her turntable. But she offered to give me her caladium for just 490 bells, so I bought it.

Yuka: I'd be willing to sell my caladium to you. For 490 bells?
I didn’t particularly want it, but 490 bells isn’t much, so I thought I’d be nice for once.

A weather bulletin posted on the bulletin board said that the rainy season will start in June. Since I don’t bother with watering flowers in Wild World (at least not yet), I don’t particularly care if it rains or not.

-Weather Bulletin- Sunny, warm days through the foreseeable future. The rainy season should strike by June.Puddles wanted to move out of town once again, but I kept talking to her until she talked about changing her mind.

Puddles: Oh, what should I do? Should I change my mind, la baa?I caught a show at the Roost, and K.K. performed K.K. Condor for me. One of my favorites.

K.K.: All right, get ready to dig the riffs on this ditty: K.K. Condor!

Rod was one animal that didn’t have the flea market on his mind. But that might just be because he’s lost his marbles. He asked me a very odd question about dinosaur fossils.

Rod: Have you ever looked at a dinosaur fossil and thought...

Rod: "Y'know, I should get more calcium in my diet"? Well, have ya?

I found two fossils tonight, but Nook’s shop was closed by the time I got them identified. So I didn’t make any mortgage payments this time.

4 thoughts on “Caladium & Calcium”

  1. Love K.K. Condor, loathe the flea market and am so glad Nintendo got rid of it for New Leaf. It wasn’t just that it was all anybody talked about, it was how I was apparently offering anything and everything visible in my main room for sale whether I wanted to or not.

    1. New Leaf has the flea market still, but it takes place in Re-Tail now instead of in homes. That’s much more convenient than the old way.

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