Opposable Thumbs

Static was back to being his usual cranky self when I visited him today.

Static: You don't go into a home AND YELL AT THE TOP OF YOUR LUNGS! I CAN HEAR YOU!
You’re the only one yelling, you surly squirrel.

I figured I was due for a change of clothes, so I bought this wrestler shirt at Able Sisters.

Mabel: Wow! You are looking really, really good!Gracie was outside of town hall today, but I didn’t even speak to her. I did try to vandalize her car again, though.

Hitting Gracie's car with my shovel.Yuka suggested that we compete to see who could catch a yellow butterfly first. Since I just saw a yellow butterfly about two seconds before, I was confident I could win the competition. The fact that animals can’t catch bugs themselves also helped my chances. So I caught the bug and gave it to her; she rewarded me with 510 bells.

Yuka: I lost to you?! Those opposable thumbs you have really help, huh?
And yet you’re holding your net just fine.

The bulletin board’s message of the week was about milk and milk shakes.

*Message of the Week* Milk is good for you. Milk shakes, not so much.When I visited Chevre, she thanked me for all the medicine I’ve been taking her lately. She rewarded me with an imperial tile.

Chevre: If it weren't for you, I'd still be curled up in bed, feeling miserable!In Nookington’s, Tom Nook had some new dialogue for me. He was upset that Harriet suggested a new hairstyle for him. He believes that his current hairstyle is the only one that works for him. And he said that he trims his hair every single day!

Tom Nook: But I trim my hair every day, hm?Before wrapping up my day, I made a 33,000 bells mortgage payment at town hall. I only owe 40,000 more on my current loan, so I may be able to pay off by next week.

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  1. Speaking of hairstyles, (in Tom Nook’s dialogue) when are you going to change your hair to the the way it is in NL and CF?

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