First Blind Haircut

Tomorrow is La-Di-Day once again, so several of my villagers were talking about it tonight. Chevre, who was standing in front of Big Top’s house for some reason, said that she’s not going to lose to Big Top the tone-deaf dweeb. Wow, harsh words coming from Chevre.

Chevre: All I know is, I'm not about to lose to Big Top. That dweeb is tone deaf!Crazy Redd was in town tonight, with a tent set up near town hall. I received his letter in the mail, so I already knew today’s password. When Redd said “neighbor raccoon,” I had to reply with “one ugly fellow.” Inside, I took a chance on the calm painting that he had for sale. It cost me 3,920 bells.

Redd: I sold it! Yeeeeeee haaaaw! Crazy Redd sold somethin'! Yup, yup, yawoooooooo!!!I visited Rod, and saw that he was about to move out of town! I got him to reconsider, though.

Rod: My brain's all bamboozled... Maybe I should rethink the whole thing, I'm evil!There was a new “Talking to Myself” post on the bulletin board. Surprisingly, it was about toilet paper! o.O It said that toilet paper is cuter when a design is added to it…such as puppies.

-Talking to Myself- Does toilet paper become cuter when a design is added to it? Mine is covered with puppies!
Puppies or poopies?

When I walked by the pond, I heard a frog croaking! So I got my rod out and waited for the frog to hop on. This is my first frog in Wild World!

I caught a frog! Leapin' ...lizards?I donated the frog to the museum. I wonder what Puddles will think when she visits the museum and sees it. “That could have been me…”

I also gave Blathers my calm painting, and surprisingly, it was real! Of the art I’ve bought from Crazy Redd so far, the paintings have been real three out of five times.

The calm painting in the museum in Animal Crossing: Wild World (ACWW).At Nookington’s, I decided to go inside Shampoodle and get my hair done for the first time. I went in blind, figuring I’d just try to my luck to see what Harriet does to me. And…I wasn’t happy with the result.

Harriet: Well, what do you think?! It's a whole new you, huh?!
I think I’d like my money back.

I’ll have to look up a hair guide and make Harriet fix my hair next week. 😛

Baabara gave me a bonfire for free, so I returned home and put it upstairs. I then wrapped up my game for the night. Have a good weekend, everyone!

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  1. I like your hair! It looks very.. ummmmm… okay fine l don’t like it.. but at least it was worth the shot!

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