Raised in a Barn

After starting up my game today, I quickly made my way to Shampoodle to change my hairstyle. It seems that Wild World does not have the style that I use in City Folk and New Leaf, so I went back to my original style. However, I now have dark brown hair.

Harriet: With this new hairstyle, you'll be the toast of Forest, sugar!I visited Static, and he thought I was Kiki at first! Is that because my hair is so dark now? 😛

Static: Huh? Oh, captain, it's you. I thought it was Kiki. What a relief.The message of the week on the bulletin board said that the Mexican wrestler cries beneath his mask. Wait, I’m wearing a wrestler shirt… 😛 Is Phyllis trying to pick a fight with me?

*Message of the Week* The Mexican wrestler cries beneath his mask. Wounds of the heart hurt the most.Both Yuka and Baabara, with identical wording, scolded me for walking into their houses without first issuing a proper greeting. Besides the fact that it’s literally impossible to do that in Wild World, it seems that they both share a brain.

Yuka: It's common courtesy to offer a proper greeting. Were you raised in a barn?Baabara: It's common courtesy to offer a proper greeting. Were you raised in a barn?But yet Baabara said her boyfriend comes and goes into her house (and even ate her cake) without saying a word to her.

Baabara: My boyfriend comes and goes without saying a word to me, daahling...After identifying today’s fossils, selling the contents of my pockets, and talking to all of my villagers, I headed to town hall. I paid off the last 40,000 on my loan.

Me, celebrating: My home loan is ALL paid off!I returned to Tom Nook, and he thanked me for paying off my debt. He offered to expand my house further, and I agreed. I chose a red roof this time. He said the work will be done tomorrow, so we’ll get to take a look at it next time!

Tom Nook: All right! Red it is! I'll mark that on the plans.

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