Saturday Sea Bass Search

It was almost midnight when I started up the game tonight, so I quickly made my way to the Roost. I asked K.K. Slider to play a random song for me, and he played some soul.

K.K.: All right, get ready to dig the riffs on this ditty: K.K. Soul!Hopper wanted to compete to see who could catch a sea bass first. Since villagers can’t actually catch fish on their own, I figured it would be easy. So I agreed to the competition.

Hopper: Let's see who can catch a sea bass first, you or me!Puddles was finally over her cold, and she thanked me profusely. She also gave me an arched window.

Puddles: It's all because of your medicine, J-star! You are so crazy nice!
No, I’m just crazy.

I got a bit of a scare when I visited Kiki. She had all of her furniture packed up in boxes, and she was about to move out of town! But I breathed a sigh of relief when I remembered this was Wild World, and I could change her mind. And indeed, she agreed to reconsider on my very first attempt.

Kiki: Jeff, if you want me here so badly, I'll think about it. But no promises!In front of my house, I ran into Baabara. She was talking about how she once wanted to be a pop star. When she was done talking, she asked me to pretend we never had the conversation.

Baabara: Would you do me a favor and pretend we never had this conversation?
Don’t worry, you wicked woolly witch, I try to forget *every* conversation we have.

With my walk around town complete, I decided to start fishing for that sea bass for Hopper. I caught several red snappers, a few octopi, two old tires, a boot, and even a hammerhead shark!

I caught a hammerhead shark!
Remember, hammerhead rhymes with schmammerbed.

I also caught a stag beetle I saw on a tree. But it was taking me quite a while to catch a sea bass! There’s always lots of them, until you actually want to find one. 😛 But eventually, I did catch one. When I took it over to Hopper, he rewarded me by giving me his imperial tile.

I made one last stop at the museum, where I donated my hammerhead shark and stag beetle. My pockets are now full of stuff to sell when I play next time.

7 thoughts on “Saturday Sea Bass Search”

  1. You’ve got Hopper! I’m so jealous. Back when I owned Wild World, Hopper was one of my three starter villagers, and he stayed in my town the whole time I owned the game (which was a couple of years at least). I’m looking to try and get him in New Leaf one day.

      1. It’s okay,if I want to do something with the virtual console menu,I will do it in another day game I downloaded

    1. I’m sure she will. They always seem to stay if you stop talking to them once they say they’ll reconsider. As for New Leaf, it’s probably not as important in NL because they give you so much notice (10 days or so), so there’s usually plenty of time to catch them and change their mind.

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