Sir Blithers

It was raining in town today, and Puddles was not enjoying the moisture. She said the rain was going to turn her into Puddles soup. Wait, why doesn’t she just say a puddle?

Puddles: But this rain will turn me into Puddles soup in, like, two seconds flat!
You’ll be a Puddles puddle.

The rain also brought out the snails. I spotted one on a flower and got my net out. But before I approached it, I heard someone fall into a pitfall! It was Big Top!

Big Top, in a pitfall: Someone help me! I can't get out! Villain!I then went back up and caught that snail. It was my first one.

I caught a snail! Escargot? Escar-NO!Even though I just gave Rod a new shirt last week, he was bugging me for another shirt today. But I didn’t feel like buying him new clothes again this soon, so he’ll have to wait.

Rod: SHIRTS! SHIRTS! SHIRTS! Shirts rock! Especially on THIS bod, baby!The new message of the week on the bulletin board advised readers to always carry extra shorts. I wonder what happened to Phyllis(?) that made her suggest this… but then again, I probably don’t want to know.

*Message of the Week* Always carry extra shorts. Don't get me started!When I ran into Baabara, she gave me an illusion floor for free. Baabara being nice? It must be an illusion! But I decided to put it on the floor of the left room in my house.

The illusion floor in Animal Crossing: Wild World (ACWW) for Nintendo DS.I went fishing and caught three new fish: a barred knifejaw, a catfish, and a goldfish. I donated all three of them, along with my snail, at the museum. Blathers told me about the goldfish he once had when he was young: He called it Sir Blithers.

Blathers: Hoo, in my youth, I once had a goldfish in my room. His name was Sir Blithers.At town hall, I made a 45,000 bell mortgage payment before wrapping up my game for the night.

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  1. Villagers in “Wild World” tend to stay hung up on certain types of objects (clothes, fish, bugs, etc.) for days if not weeks on end as I recall (certainly for far longer than in any other “Animal Crossing”). It’s been several years but I remember Vesta asking for a bluegill, which I gave her, then only asking me for fish every time I spoke to her even after her house became wall-to-wall tanks! I think it was the Flower Festival or something that finally got her mind off fish.

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